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By Heather

We hear so much about organic this and organic that, but of all the foods to choose organic, I’d have to say buying organic coffee is one of the most important of all. I know many of you probably have a favorite brand of coffee, as I know I sure do. Once you get that perfect brand that just hits the spot, it can be hard to make a switch to something else. Plus, “coffee hopping” as I call it, from brand to brand, can be quite the testy process, especially if you run into a few duds in the process. A stale or bitter cup of coffee is certainly no fun! Yet, luckily, with organic coffee, that rarely happens. On the contrary, most organic coffee brands taste phenomenal. If you haven’t made the switch to organic coffee this year, check out some of the reasons I suggest you start. The benefits are worth it, with taste just being the tip of the iceberg!

1 Pesticides

Organic coffee assures you of one of the biggest benefits of choosing organic of all: eliminating pesticide consumption. Coffee is one of the top crops known for heavy pesticide and toxic fertilizer use. It is one of the most heavily sprayed crops of all foods that we consume. Choosing organic assures you that you’re getting a clean cup of coffee, with just the bean, and no funny chemicals along with it!

2 Less Bitter

I mentioned that taste testing coffees can mean you’ll try some pretty bitter brands in the process. Luckily, that isn’t the case with almost all organic coffees. Since organic coffee is produced in a cleaner, fresher manner, close to its original state, you end up with a much cleaner, purer cup of coffee each morning.

3 Increased Nutrients

Coffee is actually a powerhouse of nutrients. It does come from a whole food, after all. Coffee beans are one of the best sources of magnesium, B vitamins, zinc and copper. It’s actually similar in nutrition to cacao. Coffee’s nutrients are almost nonexistent in most standard brands of conventional coffee. Organic coffee, on the other hand, assures you that all those nutrients are still intact, without the harmful side effects of added chemicals and pesticides.

4 Bleaching Agents

Did you know some forms of conventional coffee beans undergo bleaching in processing? This is a very quick process, however, it’s used as a way to wash the beans and remove certain forms of bacteria. Though this sounds harmless, it actually exposes your coffee to a host of harmful chemicals. Organic coffee does not undergo this process at all, yet it uses natural methods to protect you from bacterial exposure through the way it is grown.

5 Sustainability

Organic coffee also assures you that you’re contributing to our sustainability through your food choices. Coffee is one of the most high demand crops on our planet, and it has even recently been said that it could be extinct without serious changes to be made in preserving our rain forests that produce coffee beans. Without sustainable measures to make this happen, you might be without that cup of joe in the morning! To ensure sustainable sources of coffee stay prevalent, choose organic. Choosing organic creates a demand for sustainability, since it is friendlier to the environment, as well as the farmers who produce it.

6 Ethical

Choosing organic coffee also gives you an easy (and delicious) way to ensure ethical practices through your food choices. Coffee trade is also one of the top users of slave labor. Children in foreign countries are made to produce coffee and work for hours without being paid. This form of unethical treatment is something I sure don’t want to support through my dollars, or my morning beverage. So, I choose organic. Doing so ensures me that my money goes to pay farmers that produce my coffee beans, and not just to the name brands that market the product.

7 Less MYCotoxins

Coffee beans are a fermented crop, much like cacao beans are. They are left to dry in the sun before being harvested and processed for consumption. During this natural fermentation process, special care is needed to avoid excessive mycotoxin exposure, which is a bacterial toxin that can cause yeast overgrowth, thyroid disorders and more. Mycotoxins have severe effects on your health, and most people aren’t even aware of them. Choosing organic coffee assures you that you’re not exposing yourself to excess toxins in your coffee, such as mycotoxins. Organic coffee is produced in a much cleaner and more careful fashion than conventional coffees are, and is worth your every penny.

Most people just pick up a container of coffee and call it a day. I’d ask you to reconsider. If you’ve been using the same conventional coffee for years, put that in the back of your pantry, and pick up some organic coffee this week. My current favorite brand is Puroast Organic Low Acid Coffee, which is fantastic and high in pure flavor. I also love Newman’s Organic Coffee, which has a clean, crisp flavor as well. You can find my favorites below in the sources if you’re interested. Do you have a favorite brand of organic coffee?

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