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Great Reasons Why You Should Drink More Tea ...

By Leeann

There are plenty of reasons to drink more tea. There are health benefits, cost benefits, and overall wellness benefits of drinking tea. I love tea, be it herbal, English, or any other kind, and every since I was little, I’ve always preferred tea over water. There’s a reason why so many health experts love tea, but all that aside, here are 7 reasons to drink more tea.

1 It Tastes Good

Tea is the next most consumed beverage next to water, that that alone is one of the best reasons to drink more tea. When I was younger, I hated drinking water because it had no taste, but with tea, it comes in so many different combinations and flavours, it’s hard to believe that it can be good for you when it comes in a mixture called ‘Chocolate Kiss’ (true story, go to David’s Tea)!

2 There Are so Many Different Types

Nowadays, there are so many different places and specialty stores that sell tea, you’d be hard pressed to find something you don’t want. The great thing is, you can go for herbal tea, bagged tea, take it black or with cream or sugar or lemon. It’s not boring! That’s just one of the reasons to drink more tea, especially nowadays while it’s everywhere!


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3 It De-stresses You

It’s proven that tea is a major de-stressor. One of the reasons to drink more tea is because we all have long, bad days. Sometimes you need to just relax and sink in to your bed with a nice book and a good cup of tea. Black tea in particular is proven to reduce stress levels, so take some to work with you if it helps!

4 It’s the Best Way to Start Your Morning

Every morning (whenever I have enough time) I go to Tim Hortons and get a nice, large tea with 2 milks, and 2 sugars. It just wakes me up in the morning, and there’s nothing like holding a nice cup of tea in the morning to get you started on your long day. If anything, one of the best reasons to drink more tea, especially in the morning is because it gives you a great start to your day!

5 It’s as Natural as You Can Get

Tea has been around (credibly) since the 3rd century; it originated in China and was used for medicinal purposes. Nowadays, with all the different kinds of tea out there, you can get the purest form of tea you want! Drink it like they did back in the day, with nothing but cured leaves of the tea plant, and boiling hot water. Get back to the roots of nature; it’s one of the best reasons to drink more tea!

6 Tons of Health Benefits

Are you ready for the list of health benefits? It not only de-stresses you, it decreases the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and even helps your bones stay strong. There are tons of different drinks out there that claim to help your body, but this truly natural drink has been proven to do so for hundreds, and hundreds of years.

Jaymie I love tea also, but NOT camomile ick . 😊😃...

7 It Won’t Break Your Wallet

The crazy things about all things healthy, is that often times it seems to cost us quite a bit of money. We have electrolyte-filled water that costs $4.00 and even a smoothie can be 7 bucks! But tea, well you can buy a whole box of tea for that amount and have it last you for weeks! How affordable it is, is yet another thing on the list of reasons to drink more tea!

It’s funny, as I’m ending this article; I’m taking a final sip of my tea! It’s always good to stay hydrated, and when you have a drink that gives you as many benefits as tea does, it’s nice to casually sip on it as your day goes on! So tell me, what’s something you love about drinking tea?

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