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7 Reasons Wine is Good for You ...

By Kelly

While some people may tell you to put the corkscrew down and step away from the bottle of wine, there are many great reasons wine is good for you. I am not saying it is the best idea to down a whole bottle every day, but studies have been showing that one glass of wine a day can have many health benefits. Here are some of the many reasons wine is good for you.

1 Keeps Your Weight in Check

If wine by itself isn’t good enough, one of the reasons wine is good for you is because it helps you maintain your weight. Not only does red wine act as an appetite suppressant, it has one of the lowest calorie counts compared to other alcohols. Studies have shown that women who regularly drink red wine in moderation have a healthier weight and have an easier time maintaining it.

2 It is an Antioxidant

Antioxidants are found in many foods and are known to reduce your risk of cancer and help improve your circulation. Oxidative stress in your body can lead to other age-related diseases but antioxidants reverse that process. So if you are feeling guilty about that last glass of wine, just tell yourself that you are helping yourself fight high blood pressure.

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3 Increases Cholesterol

You’re probably thinking this is a bad thing, but not all cholesterol is bad for you. HDL is considered to be a “good” cholesterol and, lucky for you, red wine has been found to raise levels of it in your body. If you are still not convinced on the whole “wine is good for you” aspect, you can find similar cholesterol increases in grape juice and green tea.

4 Reduces Risk of Heart Attack

With heart disease being one of the highest ranked causes of death in the United States, you might look at a glass of red wine differently once you find out that it decreases your chance of having a heart attack. Although studies have found a correlation between the two, they still suggest that the effects are most profound when a glass of wine accompanies a healthy diet and exercise.

5 Lowers Risk of Stroke

If you’re still not convinced by all of these reasons wine is good for you, how about the fact that it lowers your risk of stroke? Because of the antioxidants in wine, it helps lower your chance of having a stroke as you get older. But more than that, if by chance you do have a stroke, regular wine consumption helps protect your brain from stroke damage. A certain chemical in the skin of a grape helps to enhance memory, so if you do have a stroke, wine aids in the recovery process.

6 Benefits Your Eyesight

It is common for your eyesight to begin to show the effects of old age. But thanks to a component of red wine called resveratrol, you might be able to fight it. Resveratrol protects blood vessels in the eye that could be damaged by old age. This is especially helpful in the fight against macular degeneration in old age.

7 It's Fun

In the end, if drinking wine makes you happy, then drink it regardless of the reasons wine is good for you. If you have had a long stressful day at work, a nice glass of wine is the perfect way to wind down when you get home. If you have been fighting with your boyfriend, it is all right to drink a comforting glass of wine. With all of the fun reasons to drink wine, the health benefits are just icing on the cake.

Wine is personally one of my favorite drinks but I had never known about all of the health benefits of having a glass a day. It makes unwinding with a glass of wine so much more rewarding at the end of the day. Did you know about all of the reasons wine is good for you? Do you think you will drink more wine after learning about the health benefits? Do you know any other health benefits of drinking wine?

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