8 Important Reasons Why Everyone Should Eat Clean ...


8 Important Reasons Why Everyone Should Eat Clean ...
8 Important Reasons Why Everyone Should Eat Clean ...

The reasons to eat clean are numerous. The food we buy in stores today just isn't healthy. So why do I eat clean? What were the reasons that pushed me to the "other side" of food? Here are the reasons to eat clean that I chose to share with you today.

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It's Healthy

One of the most obvious reasons to eat clean is that it is healthy. Simple as that. Processed, sugary foods simply aren't healthy. I got tired of feeling bad. I got tired of feeling tired. I want life and vitality for my family. I want health for my family, and I have found it in clean, organic eating.


It's Good

Eating healthy doesn't have to be a dread. Clean, healthy, organic food can actually be delicious! I have introduced my kids to homemade "slushies" that are nothing but fresh fruits, ice, and a bit of organic milk. They think they are just as good as a slushy from Sonic, when in fact, they are so much better!


It's Creative

You would be amazed at how much of your culinary creativity is unleashed when you begin cooking and eating clean. You begin to mix and match things that you never would have thought to do before and look for healthy alternatives to some of your old junk food go-to's. It's incredible what I have come up with!


It's Cheap

I have heard lots of people make the comment, "I would eat more organically if I could afford it, but it's just too expensive." This statement couldn't be farther from the truth. What these people are not taking into consideration is the money they spend on junk food is no longer being spent and therefore, goes directly to the good stuff. Before eating clean, I was spending around $200 to $225 on weekly groceries. Now that all we buy is organic and fresh fruits and veggies and an occasional package of organic meat, with the few odd and end extras, I only spend about $150 to $175 on weekly groceries. Not bad, huh?


It's Wise

Not only am I spending my money more wisely now, I am being more wise when it comes to my family's health. I could never choose packaged, processed foods again, knowing what all is in that stuff! I have been put in charge of my children, it's my job to raise them right and make the best decisions for them and that includes what they put into their body.

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It's Easy

Another misconception with organic eating is that it's too complicated to do all that cooking and it would just be too hard for the average mom, especially when she can just open a package and heat. In all honesty, I don't cook any more than I did before. Oatmeal is served in the morning, (or toast with fruit) lunch is all about salads or just plain fruits and veggies, and supper is usually something easy like steamed veggies, whole wheat pasta or an occasional meat. I might spend 30 minutes getting the food to the table, but that is nothing when you consider the benefits from a great meal!


It's Old School

I figure, what worked for the ancestors will work for me, right? Although I'll take the added help of modern conveniences like an electric stove and my ever-faithful Ninja blender! I mean, people lived for centuries before they had microwave popcorn and Chef Boyardee.


It's Not Disgusting

Unlike the foods sold in stores today, eating clean is not disgusting. I have been reading on everything found in all our processed foods and, well, let's just say it is enough to make me want to vomit! Just because a beaver is found in nature does not make the fluid coming from his rear "natural flavoring" for my food, and yet, it can be found in foods you buy everyday! And beetles for making my candy shiny? No thank you! I'll take a good, natural, organic strawberry!

There are so many reasons to eat clean that I couldn't put them all in this one tiny article. These are just some of the top reasons that I personally eat clean. So many ingredients found in our processed foods are the number one cause of the high spike in cancer across America and around the world, and I, for one, want to do everything in my power to keep my family from suffering from it. So what about you? Do you eat organic? If so, why? If not, has this article helped to change your mind any? I want to hear from you! Leave me a comment below!

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The cost excuse is totally invalid. I feed my family of four (organically) on $80/week. It can be done!!

Great article thanks for the info

As my mom used to say what u put on the inside food wise shows on the outside clean eating keeps ur body invigorated

Do you know a website that is good to find all the information in one place. My family of four currently does not eat clean and we have made the decision to make the transition. The problem is I don't know where to start or the best way to do it.

I think you are right on every point...my biggest struggle is coming up with dinner recipes and after dinner snacks...night time is my enemie!! Any suggestions?

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