7 Health Benefits of Onions That You Should Know ...

By Tara

7 Health Benefits of Onions That You Should Know ...

Are you aware of the amazing health benefits of onions? Onions are a miracle vegetable that can help aid in preventing cancer, better your heart, improve or prevent illness and they have a host of other functionality. You do not even have to eat a large amount of onions but they should be in your daily meal plan because of all the benefits. According to a UK study, onions are the second most important crop after tomatoes because of their benefits. So do you eat onions each day? Here are the health benefits of onions so that if you do not eat onions, you may start.

1 Have a Healthy Heart

Studies show that having just half of a raw white or yellow onion a day is usually enough to dramatically raise HDL cholesterol an average of 30% in about three out of four patients with heart problems. So make sure you add a half an onion to your salad or meals for preventative health. Having a healthier heart is one of the major health benefits of onions!

2 Onions Also Contain Phytochemicals

Did you know onions contain phytochemcials that aid vitamin C in its function? This improves your blood vessels and also decreases inflammation. And the best part is that all this aids your cardiovascular system. One particular flavonoid, quercetin, may inhibit tumor growth and help keep colon cancer at bay.

3 Onions Can Replace a Drug

In addition, there are certain drugs like Fosamax that have the same active compound to inhibit bone loss in menopausal women. Ladies, now this is great motivation to start eating onions! P.S. Onions taste great in a wrap, in a salad or even on your own homemade whole wheat pizza!

4 Onions Also Have Chromium in Them

Did you know that chromium is a mineral that helps cells respond to insulin, which assists with blood glucose control? And green onions, because of their bright green tops, provide a large amount of vitamin A. So make sure you add some onions into your diet!

5 Onions Are a Source of Fiber

To aid in your weight loss goals and have a healthy digestive tract, fiber is essential. A medium onion packs 2 grams a fiber! Add this to a healthy meal plan of vegetables and fruit, and you have a super healthy and disease fighting food plan!

6 Onions Are Powerful

There are many powerful antioxidants that stimulate immune responses and reduce inflammation. So better your health, reduce heart burn and feel great by adding half an onion into your daily meal plan!

7 Onions Are Said to Ward off Sickness

In ancient times when the flu plagued millions, it was said that by placing a raw onion in the room, this would attract the virus. There is medical backing on this but it is now believed by many that onions can aid in warding off sickness. I personally have not tried this in my home but I think this is interesting and a bit funny. Maybe you should try this when flu season hits. If you try this ancient belief, simply place a cut onion in the rooms where you are most at (usually living room and bedroom). Have fun with it because what do you have to lose?

Hope you enjoyed reading all the benefits of eating onions! Do you currently eat onions? If yes, how do you prepare them?

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