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7 Amazing Health Benefits of Laughing like There's No Tomorrow ...

By Cassandra

Growing up in a moderately-sized family, I was raised by the motto “laughter is the best medicine”; this led me to searching for different health benefits of laughing. Sticky grins and instances of mirth were a part of everyday life for me; sharing a smile with my loved ones always managed to make me feel whole on a physical, emotional and social level. Steve Goodier said it best when he stated “A sense of humor helps us to get through the dull times, cope with the difficult times, enjoy the good times and manage the scary times.” Finding out about these health benefits of laughing makes every moment filled with breathlessness and mouth-splitting smiles worth that much more.

1 What a Relief

One of the most known health benefits of laughing is its ability to reduce stress levels. It is the easiest way to provide your body with an outlet to release tension and the hormones that promote stress, more specifically cortisol. This is why you shouldn't be afraid to throw caution to the wind and let out that laugh that you've been holding in!

2 Under Pressure

Did you know that a simple chuckle or a loud outburst of laughter can actually help lower your blood pressure? You will be able to breathe more deeply, which will stimulate oxygen into your blood. Whether you laugh out loud or prefer to indulge the world with secret smiles, the point is that you should get ready to start benefiting from your happiness!


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3 Immunity

Having a good laugh alone or with friends gives your immune system a better chance at fighting intrusions. The only gift that thinking negatively will bring you is stress; you should always surround yourself with positive thoughts! This has been proven to help your body fight antibodies and release neuropeptides.

4 Circulation Nation

Laughing helps circulate your blood, aiding in the delivery of oxygen to different parts of your body. This means that one unplanned giggle results in endless ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Who wouldn't want to follow this easy regimen for good health?

5 You've Got Heart, Kid

Laughing is one of the greatest ways to improve your body's chance at fighting heart disease. Laughter gives your heart a chance to pump more blood into your system; this action helps increase the heart's ability to fulfill its duty. This is more reason to listen to Demi Lovato's words and “give your heart a break!”

6 Stamina of a Horse

This next point will surely appeal to athletes everywhere. Laughing results in an increase of stamina; this is due to the expansion of your breathing capacity. Get ready to add laughter to your warm-up regimen!

7 Award-winning Smile

This last health benefit is the one that resonated with me the most. Author Charles Dickens truly hit the mark with the line “There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” Letting your beautiful smile shine through will improve both your day and the moods of those around you. Don't ever be afraid to cast away the sails weighing you down, throw your head back and laugh like there's no tomorrow! Your infectious laugh will be the catalyst for everyone else's happiness.

Walt Disney's words "Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever" have always stuck with me; during difficult times where it isn't always easy to smile, you should look to this quote for inspiration and comfort. Surround yourself with people who don't need to make a huge effort to make you laugh; it will make a huge difference on the days that you don't have the strength to laugh alone. What are some of your best moments spent laughing?

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