9 Beautiful and Delicious Berries and Their Health Benefits ...

I love all types of fruits, but berries are my favorite of them all and I often marvel at the range of beautiful berries and their health benefits. They are a great snack and if you're trying to lose weight, you're much better off snacking on a handful of nutrient-rich berries than you are reaching for the chocolate box. Most of the time their leaves can also be used to make healthy and delicious teas. Berries have been used in herbal and natural medicine to relieve symptoms from arthritis and gout to eye inflammation and sunburn. So here are some berries and their health benefits that will make you want to run straight to your local supermarket and load up your trolley.

1. Goldenberries

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I love learning about berries and their health benefits and Goldenberries are one of the many super-berries on the block. Also known as Inca berries, Cape gooseberry and physalis, they are packed full of nutrients and bursting with vitamins. A number of studies have been undertaken to test the health benefits of these super fruits and studies have shown that they may help protect the liver and kidneys from fibrosis. They are also reported to help maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels and their anti-inflammatory properties mean that these berries may also help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. Not only that, they have been touted as the fat-busting berry because of their protein content. A super-berry if ever I saw one!

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