7 Magical Medicinal Herbs and Their Healing Benefits ...

I have been interested in magical medicinal herbs and their healing benefits for a long time, and believe that nature has an amazing way of providing us with natural remedies. Let's face it, long before modern medicine came along, many of these herbs would have been used to treat a number of ailments and people are still turning to herbal medicines and alternative medicines today. Here are just a few medicinal herbs and their healing benefits.

1. Calming Chamomile

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I love chamomile tea and most evenings will drink a cup to help me have a restful night's sleep, as it is a natural sedative. It is a wonderful herb with so many healing benefits and is a classic remedy for anxiety, so make yourself a cup if you're feeling stressed as it is sure to soothe the troubles away. It is wonderful for restless babies and children too. It is also great for easing tummy aches so when I'm unfortunate enough to suffer from an intestinal cramp, I will soothe it with a cup of calming chamomile, one of my favorite medicinal herbs.

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