7 Incredibly Healthy Herbal Teas ...


7 Incredibly Healthy Herbal Teas ...
7 Incredibly Healthy Herbal Teas ...

Herbal Teas have been used for hundreds and even thousands of years as natural cures for many diseases and conditions and although our ancestors didn’t really know why these plants help so much, they sure knew how to use them in many ways, some of which still completely unknown to the modern man. Modern medicine has replaced herbs nowadays, making us forget about all those benefits of herbal teas, nature and things that are best when not synthesized into a pill. Well, it’s time to rediscover good old ways to stay healthy and what better way there is to do such thing than with a big cup of one of these amazing herbal teas listed below:

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Feeling a bit jumpy? Well, have a cup of chamomile tea! This tasty tea will help you calm down and if you think that’s the only thing it can do, you’re up for a big surprise. You see, apart from being a natural, completely safe antidepressant, chamomile tea can be used to deal with sleeping problems and help you finally have peaceful nights. But chamomile is a powerful, 100% natural anti-inflammatory medicine as well so you can drink it, inhale its vapors or soak a cotton ball or a clean cloth in it and apply on the sore spot. It also helps with menstrual cramps, girls, and it sure is much healthier than all those painkillers we often resort to.



The list of foods and drinks that could give you gases and make you feel like a big balloon runs pretty long which practically means getting ready for a big, important even is a time-consuming process that requires at least a day or two of dieting. Right? Wrong! In case you’re bloated (and we all know that is a luxury some dresses simply don’t allow) all you need to do is turn to herbal teas for help. Peppermint tea will help you deal with the situation and is actually quite nice, tasty and refreshing which means you can drink it on daily basis.


Juniper Tea

Now this tea is really something and if you see no reason for drinking something like this, here’s what you should have in mind! First of all, juniper will help you detoxify which doesn’t involve only flushing toxins but excess fluids as well and you must agree that’s great news for us ladies as our bodies tend to retain water in some periods of the menstrual cycle. Second good news is that this amazing tea isn’t just a cool beverage but an antiseptic too and drinking it could not only prevent infections of the urinary tract but also cure them if and when they appear. As you see, it’s never too late to start drinking it! But wait, there’s more! Some even believe Juniper can cure swine flu and, quite honestly, it sounds waaay healthier than those shady vaccines!


Green Tea

This powerful source of anti-oxidants is a known weight loss aid and just one of many great herbal teas you might want to consider replacing your lattes, cappuccinos or sodas with. “Why?” – some of you may ask, -“I don’t need to lose weight!” Well, ladies and gents, there is more to it than just speed up your metabolism helping you shed extra pounds, green tea will boost your immunity as well. Those precious anti-oxidants the green tea is so rich in help our body function better, making it more resistant and able to fight off all those bad things we breathe and eat!


Ginger Tea

Motion sickness could get in your way and stop you from experiencing many great things like boat cruises, road trips or even bike rides, if you’re brave enough. Yes, you can pop a pill and hope you won’t need a sick bag but you can do something even better and waaaay healthier – have a cup of ginger tea! Yes, this tea will shush your nervous tummy but it could also help you get back on your feet faster the next time you feel that you’re coming down with something.


Milk Thistle and Dandelion Mixture

Liver is the only organ that has the ability to regenerate itself which leads to a very logical but totally wrong conclusion that we can do whatever we want with it. People who have been diagnosed with a liver damage certainly know what I’m talking about and I bet they’d like to hear more about herbal teas that could aid liver regeneration. Well, let’s just say this simple and yet very effective herbal mixture is the answer to your prayers as it basically flushes out all those harmful matters collected in the liver, helping it work better. Some even say the combination of these two herbal teas aids digestion which could certainly come handy next time you overeat!


Lemon Balm Tea

The next on my list of great herbal teas is something you’ll definitely want to check out in case you’re trying to gain weight. Why? Because it will help you feel hungrier and eat more! Yes, ladies, you’ve heard well – appetite problems are a thing of the past, all thanks to this fresh, minty herb! It’s very rich in antioxidants too, and we all know how good that is! So, if green tea is the ultimate healthy weight loss aid, lemon balm tea could be the same for people trying to gain a couple of pounds!

Do you like and drink herbal teas? Well, I hope this article made even the most hardcore anti fans of tea think about giving some of these tasty herbal teas a second chance!

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I am allergic to chamomile tea and green tea. If you have allergies to other things, better try only a little of anything new to be sure if it agrees with you before you use very much. When I tried green tea I got extremely congested.

I like chrysanthemum tea, fresh off.

I drink Rooibos to relax in the evening before sleep. It makes me sleepy, so I drink it at the end of the day.

Great list! Great way to detoxify----with something you actually enjoy drinking!

Rooibos is a great wake me up, works almost as well as coffee! Peppermint is also good for indegestion.

Great recommendations! Thank you. :)

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