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7 Powerful Properties of Cucumbers That You Ought to Know about ...

By Bridget

Besides the obvious tastiness, did you know that there are highly powerful properties of cucumbers for your health? These refreshing veggies do more than just add a refreshing taste to a salad or add a great scent to lotion (cucumber-based lotions are my favorites); they actually do some pretty impressive stuff for your health. If you love this food, you'll be delighted to find out the powerful properties of cucumbers.

1 Eye Aid

Eye AidThere are some properties of cucumbers that you are probably already aware of. In fact, you've probably tried to use them as an eye aid before. I know that I have - and it has worked! Just cut two slices of cucumber, place one over each eye and let them sit for about five minutes. The components in this veggie help to ease puffiness, giving your eyes a fresh look and making you feel more alert.

2 Helps in Weight Loss

Helps in Weight LossThat's right! Cucumbers can actually help you lose weight! Why? Because they are high in water content and low in calories, which means that they help to fill you up, but don't add extra calories. Plus, they contain a lot of dietary fiber, which helps to get rid of toxins that sit in the digestive tract and add extra weight.


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3 A Pick Me up

A Pick Me upSince cucumbers are loaded with Vitamin B, they provide a natural boost of energy. So, when you are starting to feel that afternoon fog roll in, don't pour a cup of coffee; enjoy a crunchy snack of cucumbers.

4 Skin Care

Skin CareSure, you've heard that aloe is a great soother for the skin, and it is, but so are cucumbers. Have a sunburn? Put some cucumbers on it and you'll instantly feel their soothing effect. Have a scrape? Yep, put a cucumber on it and it will cut out the pain.

5 Blood Pressure Equalizer

Blood Pressure EqualizerBecause cucumbers are high in potassium and fiber, they are great for leveling blood pressure. So, if you feel like your blood is starting to boil, or your doctor has told you that your blood pressure is a little concerning, try adding these green veggies to your diet a few times a week and you'll start to notice a drop in that blood pressure.

6 Eases Joint Pain

Eases Joint PainDo you suffer from arthritis? Have you sprained an ankle? You'll be surprised to learn that cucumbers actually help to alleviate the pain of these afflictions. That's because they are able to cut down on swelling, including the swelling experienced in the joints.

7 Cancer Fighter

Cancer FighterWhile it may not be a cure for cancer and it may not be the be-all and end-all in preventative efforts, it has been found that cucumbers are a powerful tool in fighting different forms of cancer, including breast, uterine, ovarian and even prostate. Why? Because it is full of components that help to cut the risk of cancer. These components include pinoresinol, lariciesinol and secoisolariciresional. So, go ahead and add some cucumbers to your diet; what have you got to lose? Except maybe cancer.

I have always loved munching on cucumbers, simply because they are super tasty. Now that I know how great they are for my health, I will certainly be eating them even more than I did before. Were you aware of all of these health benefits? Which one are you most impressed by?

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