7 Amazing Benefits of Adding Yogurt to Your Diet ...


7 Amazing Benefits of Adding Yogurt to Your Diet ...
7 Amazing Benefits of Adding Yogurt to Your Diet ...

While recent commercials may have you laughing and dismissively shaking your head, there are real benefits of adding yogurt to your diet. Forget how good looking John Stamos is or Jamie Lee Curtis reminding you about the importance of “keeping regular,” and consider for a moment how eating yogurt can improve your nutrition and overall health. With these 7 totally true benefits of adding yogurt to your diet, you won’t need a celebrity spokesperson to convince you of anything.

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Yogurt is Loaded with Good Bacteria

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Of the many benefits of adding yogurt to your diet, the good bacteria known as probiotics is the most healthful. These strains of bacteria aid the body’s digestive tract and are believed to boost the immune system against the bad bacteria we’re all apt to come across now and again.


It’s a Good Source of Protein

When most people think of protein, meat most often comes to mind. But since yogurt is an animal protein derivative, this creamy option is packed with protein. This is especially helpful info for vegetarians looking for additional sources of protein or for dieters looking to a get a multi-nutritional snack.


Calcium, Calcium, Calcium

Ladies, I cannot stress enough the importance of adequate calcium in the diet. Due to hormonal fluctuations, women are at higher risk for bone density loss through the years. While you can always consider calcium supplements, studies suggest that the best way for the body to absorb nutrients is in natural food consumption. And any yogurt you choose is a calcium-rich food, so grab a spoon and eat up!


It’s a Healthy Choice for a Sweet Tooth Attack

When all you can think about are snack cakes and candy bars, consider peeling back the top of a healthy little cup of yogurt instead. Never mind the peanut butter chunks or nougat that candies may offer, just consider the nutrition. You could get a chocolate cake flavored yogurt which will trick your sweet tooth into submission and give you a healthy dose of nutrients rather than just empty calories.


Yogurt Can Aid in Lowering Blood Pressure

When the calcium, potassium and magnesium of low-fat yogurt is combined, you have yourself a food poised for battle against high blood pressure. From feeling fuller longer to keeping your body nourished with the nutrients it needs, studies have shown that those who regularly consume low-fat yogurt have lower systolic blood pressure than those who don’t.


Yogurt Can Be Versatile in Recipes

If you’re getting a bit bored with yogurt as a snack all on its own, you can even try incorporating some plain yogurt in a new recipe. From sweet and creamy treats and blended smoothies to the base ingredient for a savory sauce, yogurt can be a nutritious key ingredient in a number of scrumptious recipes. Don’t believe me? Take a look around Pinterest and perhaps you’ll find something you like.


If You Don’t Want to Eat It, Try Wearing It on Your Face

The lactic acid found in yogurt is a natural exfoliant. So if you’re not going to reap the benefits of yogurt digestively, why not smear some on your face? I would avoid the fruity stuff and stick with plain yogurt. Combine with oatmeal, honey and other natural ingredients and wear it like a face mask for up to 15 minutes. Gently rub into the pores and then wash away with warm water. Smooth like a baby’s bottom!

Considering all of the flavor varieties to choose from, yogurt can easily find a spot on your list of favorite foods. With the protein, calcium and probiotic power in just a single serving, the amazing benefits of yogurt will turn a simple snack into a nutrition powerhouse. What flavor of yogurt would you like to try first?

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I started eating plain yogurt with fruit, nuts and Chia seeds every morning and I'm full until lunch.

I love yogurt

Greek yogurt is the best!! I'm not a huge fan of meat so I use that to keep protein in my diet!!

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