8 Incredibly Healthy Benefits of Eating Clean Always ...


8 Incredibly Healthy Benefits of Eating Clean Always ...
8 Incredibly Healthy Benefits of Eating Clean Always ...

STOP and put that bag of chips down, because there are so many more benefits to eating clean than in that oily, greasy bag of chips. Believe me, I know; while in college and in the office, its just so easy to take a trip down the hall and slide your school ID or dollar into the vending machine to grab a bag of chips, but stop right there. No more use of the excuse, "it’s so convenient," or "I have such a craving." Pre-pack your "clean" snacks and meals the night before so that it’s even more convenient to just reach into your desk or bag for your midday snack or lunch. There are so many benefits to eating clean that once you go clean, you never go back!

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Healthy Weight Management

While eating clean, make sure to avoid processed foods, saturated fat, and large, unnecessary portions and make sure to start having whole foods, monounsaturated fats, and small meals throughout the day. All of this will contribute to maintaining or getting to your healthy weight. Under the eating clean approach, you will be less tempted to overeat and your metabolism will improve. There is energy that is used to digest food so therefore eating less but more during the day will impact your metabolism and will give you energy to fuel muscle recovery. This is just one of the many benefits of eating clean.


Eat Better, Sleep Better - Sleep Better, Eat Better

Getting enough sleep and sleeping well is so important. Eating certain healthy and clean foods can calm your nerves and trigger body responses that will help you catch those Z’s. As much as what you eat effects your sleep patterns, the amount of hours you get to sleep effects what you eat. Basically eat better, sleep better and when you sleep better, you feel better and get fitter. Dream of a fitter, healthier you when putting your head on the pillow tonight so that when you wake up in the morning, you’ll reach for the eggs or Greek yogurt instead of the leftover dessert from the night before.


Reduce Cravings

Remember the excuse of just feeding into your cravings? Well eating clean will help remove those unhealthy cravings. When eating healthy, your meals should be preplanned so that when you go to the grocery store and the local market you avoid the aisles that may intensify those cravings. By buying snacks and staying on an eating schedule that reflects the eating clean approach, you will be able to avoid the hungry feeling, keeping the cravings away. Keep alternatives for the "bad" foods you crave so that when you cannot put off your cravings, you’ll have healthier, but satisfying substitutes.


Shopping at Local Farmers' Markets

The key as to why you should at local markets is that the local markets will the fruits, vegetables, and other foods that are in season. The key is to buy what’s in season. This way you’re getting the fresh fruits and produce that you need. When shopping at local farmers markets, you are getting minimal processed foods. You’ll be happy to know that these markets produce less waste than highly processed foods. Local is the way to go.


Look Healthier

Everyone is obsessed with his or her mirror image, right? Right. With tons of products on the market, people tend to forget that the way their skin looks reflects what they put in their bodies. Obviously if you put gross, greasy, processed foods in your body, your skin will reflect that with clogged pours, oily skin, and a pimple-y face. Eating clean, which consist of drinking lots and lots of water, cleanses and hydrates the body which helps flush out the toxins that build up and cause skin defects.


Limits the Cost of Eating out

Eating out gets expense and in all honesty, loses its spark pretty quickly. Aren’t you sick of going to the same places and ordering the same dishes? When eating clean, you learn to love your own kitchen and your own specialized dishes. The foods that are served when eating out in restaurants are filled with cream, sugar, and salt. At least when cooking your own meals, you can limit the amount of some unnecessary ingredients and limit the amount spent on your meals. Whether you want to believe it or not, eating whole, clean foods need little preparation. It does not go beyond a little chopping and a little sautéing so don’t sweat it!


Improvement in Energy

When eating clean, you’ll begin to realize that instead of eating your typical 3 meals a day, 5-6 smaller meals will do the trick. Eating more frequently and eating fresh produce will level your blood sugar. This prevents the typical energy crashes that occur when eating sugary, processed foods. Instead of those spikes of energy, you will have better, more sustainable energy.


Better Mood

Seeing results always puts me in a better mood. When I begin to notice some muscle, a slimmer physique, and an enjoyment in eating whole foods, I realize I am a happier individual. Healthy foods, including turkey and bananas, help stimulate serotonin known as the «feel-good» hormone. When eating these types of foods, the happiness factor kicks in and puts you in a better mood.

It’s obvious that there are just unlimited benefits of eating clean. In general, consuming whole foods and going on the clean path will help you stay healthy. Eating clean foods don’t have to be bland and boring. When eating clean you have the options and freedom of keeping your meals interesting with nutritious spices or keeping your meals bland and as is. Eating clean opens up many doors. Aren’t you ready to sleep better, look better, and just feel better?

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