10 Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds ...


10 Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds ...
10 Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds ...

Hemp seeds have been a staple in my diet for years after I discovered the numerous health benefits of hemp seeds. Most people know they are a tasty source of vegan protein, but the health benefits of hemp seeds don’t just end there. These little seeds are powerful foods that have incredible powers. If you want a real superfood, hemp seeds are it! Check out the health benefits behind hemp seeds and add some to your diet ASAP to get in on the goodness yourself!

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Complete Source of Protein

The most well-known of all health benefits of hemp seeds is their incredible protein content. Just 3 tablespoons of hemp seeds will give you 11 grams of complete protein and hemp protein powder will lend you 15 grams of complete protein. What makes a protein complete? Complete proteins are those that contain all essential and nonessential amino acids. There are 8 essential amino acids that make up the best proteins and most complete protein sources only come from animals. Not hemp seeds. These seeds contain the closest protein makeup to the human body, making them perfect for your plate!


Same Omega 3 Content as Fish Oil Pills

Did you know that 3 tablespoons of hemp seeds contain 3 grams of Omega 3 fatty acids, which is the same amount of heart healthy fats that promote a healthy metabolism, brain function, clear skin and healthy heart that you'll find in 2 fish oil pills? Hemp seeds are the perfect vegan or vegetarian solution for the best sources of Omega 3s. Flax and walnuts are also great sources but contain less protein.


Easily Digested

Hemp seeds are one of the easiest of all nuts and seeds to digest, along with one of the easiest foods to digest of all protein sources. They do not aggravate IBS, nor will they cause gas and bloating if you’re new to using them.


Rich Source of Fiber

Hemp seeds contain 7 grams of fiber per serving, which is about 3 tablespoons, and hemp seed protein powder contains anywhere from 12-14 grams of fiber per serving, depending on the brand and variety you choose. Fiber is great for removing cholesterol, keeping you full, keeping your blood sugar stable, and of course, keeping you regular. Ditch the wheat bran and go for some hemp seeds!


No Saturated Fats

Hemp seeds contain no saturated fats, unhealthy oils, or harmful fats of any kind, like trans fats. Just be sure to store them in the fridge to prevent rancidity, as you should store all your nuts and seeds this way.


They Combat Anxiety and Depression

This benefit is perhaps one of the best ways hemp seeds have helped me. Hemp seeds are rich in brain-boosting ingredients, vitamins and minerals that tame anxiety and tension, such as magnesium, iron, zinc, B vitamins, and of course, those awesome Omega 3 fatty acids. The protein in hemp seeds also help combat anxiety. Hemp seeds contain more magnesium than greens, grains, or fish, and contain 50% of your entire daily needs of magnesium. Magnesium is key to keeping stress at bay and taming anxiety, along with preventing cramps, fatigue, and weakness. Hemp seeds also contain 20% of your daily zinc requirements and 15% of your daily iron requirements.


Beautiful Skin

The Omega 3 fats in hemp lubricate your cells from the inside out and prevent inflammation. These two attributes are important for beating acne and dry skin. The protein content in hemp seeds also aid in collagen production, helping to ward off wrinkles.



Most people think shelling out $10 for a bag of raw, organic hemp seeds is a waste of money. I seriously disagree and let me explain why. Take into account that per 12 ounce bag of hemp seeds, you get 30 servings of a pure, raw, organic and complete source of vegan protein. Now, let’s compare that to spending $10 on a bag of wild salmon, which lends 2-3 servings, or spending $10 on organic poultry, which may lend you up to 10 servings at most. 30 servings of eggs would cost you $20. Hemp is one of the most cost efficient sources of most all protein sources, and one serving gives you anywhere from 11-15 grams of protein, which is similar to other sources or more.


Prevent Constipation

Since hemp seeds are so rich in fiber and are easy to digest, they are an excellent remedy for constipation. Their healthy fats and magnesium content also contribute to regularity by relaxing and lubricating your gut. Hemp seeds are an excellent option for those that don’t tolerate nuts or grains, which I tend to avoid myself for digestive reasons.


Lean Muscle

Hemp protein is one of the most recommended proteins for women wanting to gain more lean muscle and lose more fat. Hemp protein is used by vegan body builders and fitness buffs more than most other protein sources to build lean muscle. If you don’t tolerate grain sources of protein like brown rice and want a lower carb content, choose hemp protein powder, which is simply cold-milled, raw hemp seeds. They are low in carbs, higher in fiber and Omega 3s than brown rice, and they contain more lean-muscle forming nutrients than any other plant protein. Don’t worry, they won’t bulk you up, but will help your muscles burn more fat to increase the leanness of your overall body.

Did I mention hemp seeds taste great? I love them on salads, in smoothies, and I use the protein powder as a base for all my homemade energy bars and in smoothies as well. You can add hemp seeds to hummus, yogurt, oatmeal, cereal, as a topping on cooked veggies or any other way you can think of. Hemp oil is also a great replacement to olive oil! Always choose raw, organic hemp seeds to get the best source of this awesome food. Have you ever tried hemp seeds?

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Thank you for this. It's awesome information.

Where can I purchase these 'hemp seeds'?

Finally went to whole foods today and got some along with chia seed, maca powder, green superfood, and whey protein for my smoothies. Thank you again for this app!!

Heather - the queen of health drinks

Delicious ^_^ they go well with pretty much everything!

Hi Heather. Good article. Let me add that buyers should be aware of the quality of their hemp seeds, and hemp seed food products. Not all are created equal. While hemp does not require pesticides, insecticides or herbicides to grow, some farmers do use these products. Best to know if the farmers producing your seeds did so. If you can't, you might be better advised to purchase organic hemp seed foods. Also, you want to know how the hemp seeds were processed. Where did shelled mechanically or chemically? Where they processed in a facility which does not process other nuts so that no cross-contamination is possible? Are they packaged in an oxygen-free environment to prevent oxidation? In the case of hemp seed oil, was it processed at cold temperatures (i.e., well below 40C) again in an oxygen-free environment? For most of us, we also want to know whether the packaging is Earth-conscious. Just a few thoughts. Full disclosure: my company sells premium hemp seed foods products, deluxe body care products formulated by an MD, and soon human-grade organic pet foods and supplements. Jean-Pierre Ruiz EcoStar Health, Inc.

What sort of stores carry them??

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