7 Benefits of Eating High Fiber Foods ...


7 Benefits of Eating High Fiber Foods ...
7 Benefits of Eating High Fiber Foods ...

There are some really great benefits of high fiber foods that every one should know, especially if you are trying to be healthier! These days it seems like there are more and more health-conscious blogs popping up, and tons more info available on how to live a healthier lifestyle. So why not learn about some benefits of high fiber foods and join all the hubbub? Your body will thank you!

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A Healthier Heart

Perhaps one of the top benefits of high fiber foods is having a healthier heart! A healthy heart is important at any age, but once you start getting older, the threats of heart attacks and strokes become very real. Start adding more fiber to your diet in your younger years to promote your heart health and hopefully avoid any major heart issues in your later years!


Easy Digestion

Fiber is great for aiding your digestive system. If you struggle with stomach cramps and indigestion after meals, it could be due to lack of fiber in your diet! Try eating some fiber rich foods each day and see if that makes a difference. Raisins are a quick snack you can pack for work and they are loaded with fiber.


Weight Control

The better your fiber intake, the easier it will be for you to melt off the pounds and control your weight gain. Fiber rich foods generally take longer to chew, and they also give you the sensation of being full faster. This will help keep you from overeating if you listen to your body’s cues!



Most people with type 2 diabetes suffer from vascular inflammation. Having more fiber helps to decrease inflammation! Fiber rich foods can also help prevent diabetes, as well as regulate blood sugar. If you are at risk for diabetes, eat more fiber! Add some raspberries to your cereal or have some lima beans with dinner.


Increased Longevity

A recent study showed that those who upped their intake of fiber to the recommended amount per day actually lived 9 years longer than those who didn’t have as much fiber! A longer lifespan sounds great to me, how about you? Foods with more fiber seem to be the key! Try munching on a few walnuts for a fiber-rich snack.


Lowers Cholesterol

Do you have a family history of high cholesterol? Fiber rich foods are known to lower cholesterol levels if you eat them on a regular basis. High cholesterol presents a multitude of health problems, so please don’t wait until it’s too late to take steps for preventing this issue. Prunes, kidney beans, bran flakes, and pistachios are high in fiber and will be some easy items to incorporate into your meals or munch on as snacks.


Promotes Colon Health

A high fiber diet is great for the health of your colon. If you struggle with bloating, gas, or constipation, try increasing your fiber intake! When the colon has to struggle to remove waste from the body, it becomes restricted and tight, trapping gas and body waste inside. Eating more fiber helps soften and loosen your stool, so it passes through the colon easily.

With these benefits of eating high fiber foods in mind, maybe your next trip to the grocery store will contain more green leafy veggies, and fewer doughnuts! Your health is important, so remember to treat it well. Do you know any benefits to eating high fiber foods?

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I really love prunes at the moment, but i love avocadoes and oats, and bread that isn't white :P all super good food!

What food are fiber food ?

Also, in general, foods that are naturally high in fiber tend to be higher in vitamins and minerals too!

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