7 Essential Reasons to Use Hemp Seeds for Better Health ...


7 Essential Reasons to Use Hemp Seeds for Better Health ...
7 Essential Reasons to Use Hemp Seeds for Better Health ...

If you’re not using hemp seeds yet, what in the world are you waiting for dear? Hemp seeds are just filled with magical little (or big) health benefits, starting with the fact that they are awesome for your brain and metabolism. But first, let me fill you in on what hemp seeds are, just in case you’re not sure. Hemp seeds are the seed of the hemp plant, a botanical member of the cannabis family. Don’t worry though, this is not the same type of Cannabis plant that marijuana comes from, if that’s a concern. Hemp contains no THC, the active chemical drug in marijuana. Instead, hemp contains a host of beneficial nutrients that your body will love! Find out what the benefits of using hemp seeds are and start eating more of this nutty little seed today!

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Essential Amino Acids

Possibly one of the biggest benefits of using hemp seeds, is the high amount of amino acids they contain. Hemp seeds are rich in all eight essential amino acids, making it the perfect protein for vegetarians or vegans, without having to combine foods like grains, beans, nuts, or legumes to get complete protein in their diet. Hemp contains 13 grams of protein per 3 tablespoons for the seeds, and if you purchase hemp protein powder, made from raw hemp seeds, it contains right around the same, depending on the brand and variety.



Many people consume whey or yogurt, eggs, fish, meat, and eggs to get their protein, but those foods all lack one important nutrient - fiber. I realize we can get plenty of fiber from vegetables, but one reason I enjoy hemp, is it provides me with protein and fiber, all in one plant-based food. Three tablespoons of hemp seeds provides you with 11 grams of fiber, while a quarter cup of pure hemp protein powder can have as much as 15! That’s half the recommended daily amounts of fiber, just from one food. The best part is, hemp’s fiber is not a type of fiber that causes gas and bloating, because a large part of that fiber is soluble fiber, a gelling type of fiber found in other foods like chia, pumpkin, oats, potatoes, squash, and bananas. Soluble fiber slows down digestion, but also ensures regularity, and reduces bloating and constipation all in one. It’s also a bit easier to digest than foods like nuts, berries, broccoli, cabbage, and wheat, which are rich in insoluble fiber. Hemp does contain some insoluble fiber though since all seeds do, but it is still very easily digested and promotes lower cholesterol, as well as fantastic digestive health.



I always think it’s important to enjoy eating healthy, because who wants to eat something that tastes bad? Not me! Hemp seeds are unique in taste in a wonderful way. They’re very mild and nutty, slightly like almonds and cashews are. Hemp seeds are delicious over a salad, sweet potatoes, on top or in a smoothie, or over oatmeal or yogurt. I also like the taste of hemp protein as well. Hemp protein can really make a delicious smoothie or shake, or addition to oatmeal or yogurt. I like it in raw homemade treats as well.



I bet you’ve heard a good bit about this important mineral lately if you keep up with health trends. Magnesium is one of the hot topics in health right now. Magnesium deficiency is a prevalent issue today because of the depletion of minerals in our soil from conventional farming. The use of pesticides, herbicides fertilizers, and the abundance of animal production on our land, has depleted nutrients in the soil that are vital for our health. Magnesium is one of the most important nutrients found in the soil, so supplementing, or eating foods rich in this mineral is important. Magnesium improves nerve function, digestive function, can prevent diabetes, prevents and treats PMS and depression, and aids in muscle recovery. Hemp protein and hemp seeds contain 45% of your daily magnesium needs, all in one little serving.



Chlorophyll is that marvelous bright green color found in plant foods, especially leafy greens, seaweed, superfoods like wheatgrass and spirulina, and even common veggies like cucumbers and zucchini. Chlorophyll helps create an alkalizing effect on your body, and obtains energizing benefits straight from the sun when plants grow. Hemp seeds offer a slightly green color, with hemp protein having a ruddy green hue as well. This color is completely due to chlorophyll, therefore it means it is incredible for your body! Consuming alkaline sources of protein helps prevent inflammation, disease, muscle damage, improves your blood, improves muscle recovery, and even gives you a mood lift too. Hemp seeds and spirulina are the highest source of proteins rich in chlorophyll, making them the perfect protein to choose for an anti-inflammatory diet.



Hemp seeds and protein are also a fantastic source of the popular omega 3 fatty acids we hear so much about, but also great sources of other omega fats as well. They have the perfect blend of omega 3, 6, and 9 fats, which your body uses to ensure top notch brain health, along with preventing inflammation. Consuming hemp seeds has been found to enhance mood, relieve stress, and even treat PMS. This is due to those marvelous omega fats, so eat up hemp seeds much more often than you do the sugary chocolate ladies!


Increased Metabolism

Due to the combination of omega 3’s, protein, magnesium, fiber, and chlorophyll, hemp seeds can seriously boost your metabolism, leading to weight loss. Replace animal sources of protein with hemp seeds or hemp protein powder, and I bet you’ll not only feel better, but have more energy and drop a few pounds too!

If you’ve ever used hemp seeds, how do you use them? Or, if you’ve never had them, would you consider buying them?

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I make soap with hemp milk. Great for the skin also.

Hemp is just a male marijuana plant, and is fantastic at healing all sorts of health problems. I had a half ripped off nail then developed fungal nail infection and band aided a bit of hemp on it, my nail was fixed and grew a 4th of its length back in a week. That blew my mind.

Could I find them at a local healthfood market?

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