7 Health Benefits of Tomatoes ...

Their juicy texture and sweet taste are only some of the things that make tomatoes a kitchen staple, but the health benefits of tomatoes are endless and not always known to people. Adding tomatoes to your diet is easy; you can use them in your salads, on sandwiches or in pasta sauces. Many also eat a tomato by itself, just like an apple, and maybe you should too. These are some of the health benefits of tomatoes you should know of.

1. Reduces Inflammation

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One of the health benefits of tomatoes is that it can reduce inflammation in your body thanks to the lycopene they contain. Raw tomatoes will do just fine; however, cooked tomatoes contain even more lycopene and are therefore even better at reducing inflammation in the body. Inflammation can cause numerous conditions and diseases, including heart disease and cancer, but it also causes your skin to break out. Fight those pimples with a fresh, juicy tomato!

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