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7 Health Benefits of Tomatoes ...

By Diana

Their juicy texture and sweet taste are only some of the things that make tomatoes a kitchen staple, but the health benefits of tomatoes are endless and not always known to people. Adding tomatoes to your diet is easy; you can use them in your salads, on sandwiches or in pasta sauces. Many also eat a tomato by itself, just like an apple, and maybe you should too. These are some of the health benefits of tomatoes you should know of.

1 Reduces Inflammation

Reduces InflammationOne of the health benefits of tomatoes is that it can reduce inflammation in your body thanks to the lycopene they contain. Raw tomatoes will do just fine; however, cooked tomatoes contain even more lycopene and are therefore even better at reducing inflammation in the body. Inflammation can cause numerous conditions and diseases, including heart disease and cancer, but it also causes your skin to break out. Fight those pimples with a fresh, juicy tomato!

2 Reduces Sunburn

Reduces SunburnAlthough staying out in the sun for too long is never good for your skin, eating tomatoes regularly could reduce the chances of your peachy skin turning into a red lobster. Of course, this is closely related to tomatoes reducing inflammation in the body, but it’s that much of a benefit that it just deserved to be mentioned separately.


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3 Strong and Shiny Hair

Suffering from dull strands? Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, which help your hair become stronger and shinier. Although tomatoes do great things for your hair, they unfortunately can’t do much for those of you who are in desperate need of thicker hair. Nevertheless, your hair may look healthier and better.

4 Vision

VisionVitamin A is not only beneficial for your gorgeous strands; it can also help to prevent eye conditions, including night blindness. Do you already have glasses or contacts? Then keep on eating tomatoes, as studies have shown they could improve your vision. The most recent study proved that tomatoes reduce the risk of macular degeneration, a serious irreversible eye condition.

5 Lower Blood Pressure

Although doctors often prescribe medication for lowering blood pressure, it might just be good to eat tomatoes instead or in addition to your medication. The potassium found in a single serving of tomatoes accounts for 11.4 percent of your daily requirement. Potassium helps lower your blood pressure, making tomatoes an easy way to get healthy again.

6 Lower Cholesterol

Lycopene is a great source for lowering cholesterol, and by eating tomatoes, you’ll not only lower your bad cholesterol, but you’ll also increase your good cholesterol. Sounds like a win-win situation, right? The mechanism behind this is not fully understood yet, but researchers have said that the benefits of tomatoes on cholesterol are tremendous.

7 Better Sleep

Who wouldn’t want a life-long assurance of good-night sleeps? Tomatoes can give you that assurance. Studies have found that the healthiest sleepers consume more lycopene compared to those who suffer from sleep problems. Additionally, healthy sleepers also consume more vitamin C. A cup of tomatoes contains about 20mg of vitamin C, so start chewing away.

They say too much of something is not good, but when we look at these health benefits, it almost seems that you can never have too many tomatoes. Aren’t we lucky that they’re so versatile? Besides adding them to your salad, sandwich or pasta sauces, there are plenty of dishes where chopped up tomatoes can be incorporated, like curries. How do you like your tomato?

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