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There are several important reasons you need more vitamin D in your life! This fat soluble group of vitamins (yes, vitamin D is a cluster of various vitamins, not just one specific substance) is usually obtained through moderate sun exposure of 30 minutes a day. You can also get plenty of vitamin D through foods that have been fortified with it. In case you’re still not sold, check out these seven reasons you need more vitamin D.

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Better Calcium Absorption

Undeniably one of the best reasons you need more vitamin D is because of better calcium absorption. It has been well researched that when calcium and vitamin D are combined, bones are less likely to experience osteoporosis and other abnormalities. Vitamin D plays a big role in the way our bone structure develops. That’s part of why it’s so important to get plenty of it in your childhood, teenager, and young adult years.


More Energy

One of the most common symptoms of Rickets or a vitamin D deficiency is low energy levels. This could explain why you feel so crappy in the colder, winter months when the days are shorter and you’re not outside as much! Vitamin D definitely improves energy levels. If you’re considering supplementing with it, however, definitely get a few blood tests to see if it’s your vitamin D levels that are causing your fatigue.


Possible Weight Loss

We’ve learned that vitamin D plays a huge role in the metabolism of not just our weight, but all cellular processes. Everything, from the amount of water your cells to carry to how fast digestive enzymes do their magic in your stomach, has a relationship with vitamin D. Because vitamin D can help with energy levels, it might be just what you need to get you through a tough workout.


Boosts Immunity

Ever wonder why you seem to always get sick in the fall or winter? Vitamin D could play a role in that common cold or flu. The jury is still out, but new studies are showing that vitamin D does play a role in immunity and can help fight off disease.


Helps with Auto-Immune Disorders

With the rise of auto-immune disorders in this country, wouldn’t it be great if we had a miracle pill that fixed everything? For some people, vitamin D is about as close as we can get. Because vitamin D reputedly strengthens the immune system, it can also help with auto-immune disorders where the body essentially attacks itself. Any immune system that attacks itself and thinks it is a pathogen is by definition an abnormality. Vitamin D could potentially help our immune systems better identify the right pathogens and attack accordingly.


Aids with Dermatological Conditions

Did you know that topical vitamin D is one of the primary medications for treating psoriasis? Obviously you need to get this prescription from a doctor, but using vitamin D therapy as part of psoriasis treatment is a well-received and frequently used medication. Vitamin D can also help with eczema, acne, and other skin conditions.


Potentially Prevents Cancer

Because of vitamin D’s potent immunity-boosting properties, doctors and medical professionals are researching the substance’s efficacy in fighting cancer. A heightened and intelligent immune system might be better at detecting abnormal cells and destroying them accordingly. Vitamin D’s effect on cancer prevention is still relatively unknown, but if it makes you start supplementing with it, all the more power to you!

As always, consult a medical professional before beginning any supplementation program. With proper guidance, vitamin D can definitely help with a bunch of different health problems. How much vitamin D are you getting?

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