5 Reasons Sunshine is Essential for Your Health ...


5 Reasons Sunshine is Essential for Your Health ...
5 Reasons Sunshine is Essential for Your Health ...

The sun is a vital part of everyone’s life and health! In fact, in the UK, the medical profession is so concerned that everyone who visits their GP is being given a leaflet advising them to take a Vitamin D supplement because we aren’t getting enough sunshine in general. There are certain benefits that can be gained from spending some time in the sun that far outweigh the danger of skin damage, especially if you pay attention and use the amount of SPF that you are supposed to! Here are five reasons why sunshine is essential for your health.

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Mood and Focus Boost

It has been proven that exposure to bright sunlight has light therapeutic effects, and can result in boosting your serotonin levels which will combat low mood. Serotonin is the happiness hormone, so the more you can release in your body, the happier, more stable and more mentally focused you will be.


Improves Sleep

Your body comes with its own natural timekeeping clock installed, and if you spend all of your time in the dark, that clock can start to get a little bit confused about when it is supposed to be shutting down for sleep or not. Exposure to natural sunlight can help to keep that natural rhythm in your body going, and spending the day in the sun can reduce sleeplessness at night by up to 83%.


Bone Strength

The main thing that you get from the sun is Vitamin D, and Vitamin D is essential for optimal bone health. It is key in fending off deficiencies like rickets and osteoporosis. Spending just fifteen minutes in the sun two to three times a week can be enough to give you the natural Vitamin D boost that your body needs.


Weight Loss

Believe it or not, sunlight can actually help you with your weight loss ambitions. Getting twenty minutes of sun early in the morning has been cited as being able to actually lower your Body Mass Index.


Immune System Boost

Regular exposure to the sun has been proven as a factor in boosting your immune system and helping you to feel healthier on the whole, mostly thanks to the Vitamin D injection that you receive from the natural light. After all, the skin is the body’s largest organ, so it makes sense that treating it to healthy sun exposure can be good for the rest of your body as well!

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