6 Amazing Ways to Maintain Your Health for Women Who Want a Good Long Life ...

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6 Amazing Ways to Maintain Your Health for Women Who Want a Good Long Life ...
6 Amazing Ways to Maintain Your Health for Women Who Want a Good Long Life ...

If you really want to be healthy and feel great, you definitely need to see these awesome health tips for women - I know I used to often forget to take care of myself, being caught up at work, errands, family functions, you name it. But then every time it all would come back with low energy, frequent sick leaves etc.

So, do see these tips to maintain your health and be amazed at the difference they'll make in your life!

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Reduce Stress on a Daily Basis - do Not Ignore Even the Earliest Signs

Based on various studies, stress brings out a lot of significant health related problems such as infertility, heart disease, anxiety, and depression. Seek out any stress-reduction technique which works well with your body and maintain this activity. Yoga, meditation, jogging, swimming, listening to classical music, arts - all help to reduce stress by a ten fold! Just choose the one that works best for you.


Stop Dieting Too Often - Your Body Might Not Be Benefiting from This

Eating healthy means eating a moderate amount of food and allowing your body to take the right amount of nutrients it needs. Healthy fats, veggies, fruit (fiber), smart carbs, and a mixture of lean proteins will not make you fat - if anything, they'll make you leaner and much, much healthier.


Don’t Take Too Much Calcium - Run the Numbers First

Remember that too much calcium absorption may increase the risks of having kidney stones and also the risk of having a heart disease. If you are still under 50 years old (which, I presume, you are, being an AllWomenStalk reader), the daily calcium intake should not exceed 1,000 milligrams. While, for women over 50 years old, 1,200 milligrams each day is key. Which they can easily get from 3 servings of food rich in calcium, such as almonds, milk, yogurt, cheese, even salmon.


Do a Lot of Cardio Activities and Weight-bearing Exercises - at Least 3-5 Times a Week

We, women, need both resistance and cardio or those considered as weight-bearing exercises that can be done at least 3-5 times a weekly to prevent the occurrence of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis.

Also, regular exercise boosts the self image and gives an overall boost - emotional as well!


Get a Lot of Sleep - 8 Hours Being an Ideal Amount

Based on the recent studies, lack of sleep may increase risks of psychological problems and heart diseases. Loads of sleep help your body and mind stay healthier and more productive.


Have a Yearly Check up - It's Really Important!

It’s a good health habit to undergo a yearly general check up with your doctor just to make sure your blood work is good and your body is functioning well. If there's any issues - it's best to find out about it as soon as possible and get it treated right away.

With these 6 tips you'll maintain your health and live a very long and productive life, but do make sure to take a good care of yourself - if you do not do it, no one else will do it for you!

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