17 Things to Look Forward to in the Depths of Seasonal Depression ...

By Lyndsie

17 Things to Look Forward to in the Depths of Seasonal Depression ...

Seasonal depression is as debilitating, devastating, and demotivating as any other type of depression. It is depression, plain and simple. It affects different people on different levels. You might feel blue, you might suffer a general feeling of malaise, or you might get so down that you don't feel like you'll ever get up again. The sheer amount of darkness, coming on earlier and earlier, feels increasingly oppressive, the cold keeps you sluggish, and all you want to do is hibernate. But, speaking as someone who goes through this every winter, there really are a few things to look forward to. Some of them are small, but really, sometimes the small things mean the world.

1 Petting Puppies

Petting puppies will always make you feel better. Even if you're more of a cat person, it's impossible not to smile at a tiny baby puppy.

2 Purring Cats

However, purring cats are a close second. Feeling that rusty little motor vibrating against your fingertips is just love.

3 Playing in the Snow

Snow is cold and wet and awful ... but only eventually. The first time it snows, catching it on your tongue and collecting snowballs are still magical.

4 The Downfall of Your Enemies

Just kidding, just kidding. Except, I mean, a little schadenfreude never hurts.

6 Puppy Kisses

Sorry, guys, I have a new puppy. Puppy kisses are special, though. If you don't have a puppy, ask someone who has a new dog to let you borrow a pooch smooch.

7 Going Ice Skating

Exercise and activity are great for battling depression. Being in a place where you can see others fall on their butts is also fun.

8 Cuddling on the Couch

With a lover, a friend, a parent, a sibling, a cat, a dog, a cherished stuffed animal ...

10 Brunches with Your Besties

Good food, good company, good vibes. These are members of your logical family and they will always be there for you.

12 Hot Cocoa

Or hot tea, or hot coffee, or hot cider. A warming drink is a simple thing, but sometimes the simple things make you feel the best.

13 New Books

The only thing better? A new old book, the kind that smells like age and dust and libraries and secrets.

14 The Return of Shonda Thursdays

It's coming. I'm in it for Coliver.

15 A New Season of Orange is the New Black

No shame. This keeps me on the up and up until June. JUNE.

17 Valentine's Day

Look forward to hating it or celebrating it, they both have the potential for mad laughs.

18 Spring!

It will be here before you know it! Besides, in my part of the world, the snow didn't get here until almost January, so maybe this winter won't be so bad, right?

But if it is, remember: it's not forever. And the entire AWS community is here to try and bring a smile to your face.

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