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10 Ways to Deal with Period Pain for Girls Who Suffer Bad ...

By Lucy

We all know that period pain and the aching cramps that come with it can really suck, to say the least. That being said, there are a number of things you can try to reduce the pain so you can start to enjoy the next 5 - 7 days!

1 Exercise

human action, person, sports, physical fitness, strength training, I know, exercise is often the last thing you feel like doing when you have terrible cramps but it can actually help ease the pain! It also releases happy, feel-good endorphins...which I think we could all use at 'that time of the month' to make sure we don't get too crabby and grumpy! As you know, exercise gets your blood pumping and also gets your heart rate up which can reduce cramping in your stomach area.

2 Heat

human action, person, mouth, romance, interaction, You can always apply heat, which will help to relax the contracting muscles in your body (aka the main cause of your pain). You can try a heating pad, as it will help ease the pain without it being too much pressure or heat on your tender stomach. Take care when positioning it over your stomach as they can heat your body quite quickly - this won't help your sore stomach and they can also leave a red rash - we can all do without that!

3 Pain Relief

black and white, nose, monochrome photography, photography, monochrome, So you probably don't want to be popping pills for the entire duration of your period (that a lot for 5 - 7 days) but it might be a good idea to try this for the first couple of days when the pain is at its worst and it hurts to move even the tiniest bit. As always, make sure you're keeping tabs on how much pain relief you're taking, read the back to double check how many you can have and the time frame you should have them in. Generally it's a 4 to 6 hour wait before you have another.

4 Loose, Comfy Clothes

hair, clothing, muscle, leg, ers, Now you have a great excuse to wear your favourite sweat pants during the day! It's important to wear loose, comfy clothes since they won't press against your stomach or apply unnecessary pressure which could increase the pain. Your stomach is usually tender and quite sensitive around that time of the month so look after it by avoiding wearing anything tight and confined.

5 Herbal Tea

drink, morning, sense, emotion, hand, It's said that caffeine is not the best thing to have while you're on your period, so it's best to not rely on it too much to help reduce those cramps. But good news: you can temporarily replace your need for caffeine with herbal tea! Chamomile is a great choice - it's gentle and very calming. It soothes and relaxes muscle in your body and calms muscle spasms. You can also enjoy all the other health benefits it has to offer such as promoting healthy skin and better sleep while it can also help and treat nasty colds and flus. Getting a good nights sleep can never be a bad thing when we have to deal with constant cramps and aches, can it?

6 Distraction

person, glasses, eyewear, vision care, This might see obvious, but it always seems to work! What's your favourite thing to do in your free time? Whether you love to relax in the sun or under a shady tree outside, read a good book or watch a great movie, have a bubble bath or go shopping. Distracting yourself from your cramps is very effective when it's something you love to do and find enjoyable. Your mind will begin to focus on the activity rather than the constant ache in your stomach. It may not make the pain completely go away, but it should help to reduce it since you're not concentrating on it anymore!

7 Massage

black and white, monochrome photography, This is an awesome way to get rid of cramps. Either rubbing your own stomach, or having your boyfriend do it are great options. Not only will it be relaxing, but you get relief too. This works especially great for girls who suffer from not just stomach cramps, but also back pain as well.

8 Pop a Vitamin

facial expression, face, nose, lip, cheek, Sure, this won't work instantly, however, popping some B1, Fish Oil, or both, throughout the month, will help to ease cramps when your time of the month rolls around. It's said that these vitamins will not only make your cramps lighter, but will also reduce the time they actually last. So instead of 4 days of cramps you may only have one or two.

9 Change Your Diet

human action, person, blond, mouth, finger, A low fat diet decreases overall body inflammation which will help reduce cramps in itself. However, upping your Veggie consumption will also help. Providing your body with essential nutrients will help keep it fueled and in tip top shape. Adding more magnesium is also a great way to relieve cramps according to scientists. You'll want to check with your doctor first to find out the right dosage for you.

10 Take It Easy

photography, photo shoot, spring, fashion, model, No matter which way you choose to deal with your pain, make sure you look after yourself and take it easy! This will prevent cramps from being too terrible as well. Having cramps can be exhausting, and getting too worn out will only make them worse. Be sure to get plenty of rest and relaxation when your cramps are at their worst.

‌‌Do you have any favourite tips for dealing with period pain and cramps? If so, what are they? ‌‌

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