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7 Positive Things about Your Period to Make You Hate It Less ...

By Holly

Your period comes with a whole lot of negatives. It can give you cramps, make you moody, and ruin your favorite underwear. However, there are actually some good things about getting your period that you should be grateful for. Here are a few of the positive things we shouldn't forget about our monthly visitor:

1 You're Not Pregnant!

This is the biggest one if you're too young or too unprepared to have a child. If you didn't get your period each month, how would you ever know if you were carrying a baby inside of you? You'd have to take pregnancy tests every single time you felt a little strange. Your time of the month lets you know that you don't have to start rushing around, buying baby bottles yet.

2 You're a Healthy Woman

Your period will disappear if you're under too much stress, if you're too skinny, or if you're too heavy. So if your period still comes every single month without delay, you should be proud of yourself. It means that you're living a healthy lifestyle.

3 An Excuse for Meanness

That time of the month makes us emotional. It's not a stereotype, it's an actual fact. So if you're extra mean to your boyfriend or cry over something silly on the television, at least you have an excuse for it. Nobody will judge you when they know you're on your period. But when that time of the month ends, their judgment will return. Enjoy the freedom from their criticism while it lasts.

4 A Longer Lifespan

You already know that women tend to live longer than men, but do you know why? Well, one of the reasons has to do with the iron lost during menstruation. That means that your period is actually prolonging your life! Isn't that worth the extra headaches and cramps?

5 Releases Bacteria

Your period may make you feel dirty, but it's actually cleaning you up. It's getting rid of a bunch of bacteria in your body that you don't need, which lowers your risk of having a stroke, getting Alzheimer's, and having cardiovascular disease. It's really a lifesaver.

6 Brings Us Together

When you're in a bathroom and a stranger needs a tampon, doesn't someone always help her out? No one laughs at her or acts like it's gross that she's on her period, and that's a beautiful thing. The world is so cruel that it's rare for strangers to be kind to one another. But every woman needs to deal with her period, so it's an experience we can all share and be kind about.

7 Proves You're a Woman

Little girls on sitcoms are always thrilled about getting their period, because it means they're turning into a woman. Remember how badly you wanted to be older when you were a little tyke? Well, now you're old enough to have a monthly visitor, but you're also old enough to do great things. Focus more on that part than the bleeding part.

Yes, you're always going to hate your period and wish it were over as soon as it begins. However, you can hate something while appreciating all the good things it does for you. The next time you ruin your favorite pair of jeans, try to remember the good things about your period. Can you think of anything else that's actually positive about that special time of the month?

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