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7 Vital Things to Remember when Someone's Having a Seizure ...

By Rosalina

Seeing someone have a seizure can be super scary and any one of us might be in a situation where they have to act to help someone who is having a seizure. If you're trained in first aid or you have grown up with someone who suffers from regular seizures then you might already have some knowledge of what to do in this situation. If you don't, then here are some vital things to remember if you see someone having a seizure.

1 Don't Restrain

One of the first things to remember when someone is having a seizure is not to restrain them. It might be tempting to hold them down but as long as they can't hurt themselves, restraining them could do them more harm than good.

2 Mouth

If someone is having a seizure, they might bite their tongue but this isn't life threatening. Whatever you do, don't put anything in their mouth to try and stop them from biting their tongue as again, it could cause them more harm.


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3 Stop a Fall

Sometimes, a person might know that they're about to have a seizure. It's important that they don't fall and hurt themselves, especially if they're near stairs. Try to restrain the fall and help them to sit on the floor so that they don't hit something as they collapse.

4 Safe Surface

It is best to keep the person lying flat on a safe surface and you can make them more comfortable by turning them onto their side. If possible, prop them up in that position with cushions at the back during the seizure but avoid putting anything under the person's head. Saliva or blood from the bitten mouth will be able to flow out of the mouth if they're in this position.

5 Dignity

Sometimes, seizures can mean that bladder or bowel control is lost. I know we're not talking about animals here but when my cat had a seizure, she lost all control of her bladder and although she didn't need her privacy protecting, a person having a seizure would appreciate it I'm sure. If you can, cover them loosely with a blanket to protect their privacy.

6 Don't Panic

Seeing someone have a sezure can be upsetting but it's important to remain calm and try not to panic. Often, people don't feel any pain during the sezure and will have no recollection of the seizure itself. You can be a great help to them by loosening any tight clothing to make them feel comfortable and staying with them until the sezure has stopped. When they come around, they might be confused and tired so it's nice to see a friendly face to put their mind at ease and tell them everything is going to be ok.

7 Seek Medical Advice

If there is someone who is having repeated seizures then it is important to seek medical advice. Also, if it is baby or young child who is having seizures then it is vital to seek medical advice immediately. Seizures in very young children can occur for a number of reasons. It could be from a brain injury before birth, damage to the central nervous system or metabolic inconsistencies.

These are some vital things to remember when someone is having a seizure. Has anyone had to help someone who was having a seizure?


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