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Surprising Things That Affect Your Health You Need to Toss Away Today ...

By Lauren

There are reasons to toss things in the trash other than tidying up or declutttering. Some of the things you may have in your house can cause you health problems. These seemingly innocent everyday items are just not good to have hanging around so it’s best to get rid. So What needs to go?

1 Get Rid of Plastic Containers

Your life will be much better with less plastic around you, and the first thing you should do is check your food-storage containers and toss anything made of rigid plastic. Do it now if it is stamped with a "PC" (polycarbonate) or "7". These containers may have BPA that can seep into your food and leave negative effects on the behavior, brain, and prostate gland of infants and children.

2 Avoid Air Fresheners

Have you ever wondered why the fragrance of your air freshener lingers so long? This could be due to the presence of a chemical called phthalates that manufacturers add to sprays, solids, and plug-ins. What you need to know is that it can be quite damaging to your reproductive system. Your air freshener is one of those things that affect your health and you should definitely think of tossing it away today. Switch to natural ways to perfume your home, like essential oils.

3 Say No to Antibacterial Soap

Contrary to popular belief, most antibacterial soaps are no more effective than regular soaps are for getting rid of germs. Worse yet, those antibacterial soaps may contain an ingredient called "triclosan" that may change hormone regulation and even contribute to antibiotic resistance.

4 Don't Use Your Old Mascara

Even if you love it, you will be better off tossing it away, and any of your liquid makeup that's quite old. All of this cool stuff can harbor germs over time, so be sure to use them for 2-3 months only after opening. You will be contaminating your eyelashes when using your old mascara – so, be gentle on your eyes, and know when to throw your make up away. Here’s what you need to know about expiration dates of make up

5 Say Goodbye to Your Worn out Running Shoes

Yes, they still fit well and you feel comfortable in them, but they will be doing more harm than good if they've lost their shape. Ideally, you should replace your running shoes every 300 miles because shoes are no longer good when they lose their cushioning. There's no point in wearing them – it's quite like running barefoot without cushioning and support to absorb the impact. For the love of your bones, muscles, and tendons, abandon those shoes today!

6 Chuck out Stale Spices

Even if it feels tempting to let those jars of spices sit proudly in your cabinets, you need to tell yourself it's time to get rid of them. While they may not make you sick, what's the point in keeping them if they won't add any flavor to your food? Be sure to use fresh spices to prepare flavorful food that's perfectly satisfying.

7 Get Rid of Your Smart Devices

Now, that's a shocker, isn't it? Thankfully, it's not about throwing your iPhone away, but it's definitely about taking a break – an extended one, from time to time. Using your smart devices constantly leads to information overload, which in turn will cause depression and anxiety. Give your brain a break – it will thank you for this!

It’s quite surprising how many things we think are good and useful actually have to potential to affect our health. Better be safe than sorry, don’t you agree?

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