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Let's String Together the Truth - Myths about Tampons You Shouldn't Believe ...

By Neecey

Tampons are one of those female things that can be a bit scary and a bit mysterious. And as women we don’t do ourselves any favors by perpetuating myths and untruths about them between friends and between moms and daughters. I’m going to debunk those myths here and now – no strings attached! ^_^

1 Using Tampons = Losing Your Virginity

Among the chief myths about tampons is that for some reason, some people think that using them means that you are not a virgin anymore. This is absolute rubbish! The only thing that can make you no longer a virgin is by having sex for the first time, it has nothing to do with the fact that you are inserting something into your vagina.

2 If You Are a Virgin You Can't Use Tampons

This is related to the first fact and is just as false. There is a wrong belief that if you haven't had sex yet then you will be too tight down there to insert a tampon. This is simply not the case. It is clear to see that a tampon is far smaller than the average penis so you have nothing to worry about on this front!

3 You Cannot Wear Tampons Overnight

A lot of women hold the assumption that wearing a tampon overnight is a complete no-no because it poses a high risk of TSS. In fact, it is absolutely fine to wear a tampon for up to eight hours, which is more than enough time for an average night’s sleep. If you have a particularly heavy flow then it might be a better idea to wear a pad for hygiene reasons, but otherwise it should be no problem.

4 Tampons Are Bad for Your Health

There are lots of myths about tampons and the synthetic fibers and dioxin chemicals that they contain, but the truth is that whilst researchers don't actually definitively know if they aren't good for you, medical professionals have no problem recommending and encouraging tampon use, and a doctor’s opinion is good enough for me!

5 You Can Feel Tampons While They Are Inserted

This will only ever be a real problem if you have not inserted the tampon properly in the first place. A well-placed tampon is completely inconspicuous and they are designed to actually adjust to your shape as they begin to do their job. Don't be afraid to push it in a little further, that's what the string is there for!

6 TSS is Easy to Catch

TSS, or Toxic Shock Syndrome, is a very serious infection that can be fatal, but contrary to belief it is not very easy to catch. Tampon related TSS is very uncommon and as long as you change your tampon every four to eight hours you should be completely fine. Though the risk is low, it's still important to be aware.

7 Tampons Can Be Pushed Too Far inside

Some girls have a fear that when inserting a tampon you can actually push it too far into your vagina, this is simply not true! There is absolutely no chance of this happening as your cervix, the opening at the end of your vagina, is much too small to allow something the size of a tampon to pass through it. Plus it cannot travel further into your body. If by some crazy zillion to one chance it got past your cervix it would end its journey in the uterus, which is an enclosed chamber. You can rest assured that your tampon will stay snug exactly where you place it.

8 You Can’t Go Swimming Wearing a Tampon

Oh yes you can! Your vagina completely closes around the tampon so there will be no leakage nor any water absorption.

There are no factual or scientific reasons to not wear tampons. Like everything, science has tackled the issue of the tampon and there are enough varieties and styles for you to try a few and find one that suits you if you want to swap them for pads.

Do you choose pads or tampons?

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