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7 Mistakes to Avoid Making at the Gyno ...

By Alicia

It’s no secret that going to the gynecologist is something women don’t enjoy. True that! But it’s something that’s necessary to stay healthy. To have the best results at your gyno appointment, you want to avoid making these 7 mistakes.

1 Skipping Your Appointment

First and foremost, keep your appointments, ladies. I know you don’t like to go and it’s easy to put it off, but don’t do it! Your health could truly depend on it. If it’s something that you dread very badly, it may help you to make some fun plans for later that day. Think of it as a way to help yourself get through your appointment.

2 Not following up

Most of us are very fortunate to have doctors that are on top of things and always let us know if something is off. But it’s a good idea to follow up if you don’t hear anything from your doctor. Test results can slip through the cracks. It’s scary, but it does happen. Also, if your doctor wants to see you back sooner than one year, make sure you follow their instructions. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


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3 Being Dishonest about Your Sex Life

Gynecologists have heard it all. It’s highly unlikely that you’re going to shock them with details about your sex life. They need to know the answers to the questions that they ask in order to give you the best treatment. It’s important to be honest about all aspects of your life, sexually, socially, medically and any other areas they ask about. Remember that your doctor is your advocate. They’re on your side.

4 Not Expressing Concerns You Have

I’ve been in the position of going to the gyno but feeling embarrassed to mention a certain question or concern. But after years of being a patient, I know that there’s no reason to feel that way. A good doctor welcomes your questions and wants to talk with you openly. They went into their chosen field of medicine because they want to help women have the best health possible.

5 Not Knowing when Your Last Period Was

This is information that’s especially important to your gynecologist. If you’re like me, I’m more likely to know when my next period is due than when my last one occurred. Rather than trying to count back from your next period due date, keep up with it in a better way. You can keep it written on a calendar or download an app to keep track of it for you. And yes, there actually is an app for that!

6 Having Sex the Night before Your Appointment

Having sex the night before your appointment isn’t a good idea. It can throw off test results which is something you don’t want. If you’re going to go to the trouble of going to your yearly gyno appointment, you want accurate results, right? Promise your guy a special night after your appointment is over. A little anticipation can make romance even better.

7 Stressing Yourself out over the Appointment

I know this is difficult. I’ve stressed over gyno visits, too. But being tense could make it more uncomfortable. Take along a book or something else you enjoy doing to help time pass in the waiting room. Thinking of something positive or relaxing, such as feeling the sunshine on your face, can help during your actual exam. A trick I use when I’m stressing over anything is to remind myself that in 24 hours, the event will be nothing but old news.

These are 7 mistakes you want to avoid making at the gynecologist. Have you struggled with any of these? I hope this article offered you some helpful advice for your next appointment.

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