5 Doctor's Appointments You Shouldn't Skip ...


5 Doctor's Appointments You Shouldn't Skip ...
5 Doctor's Appointments You Shouldn't Skip ...

There are several doctor's appointments you should not skip. Doctors, hospitals, blood tests…all things we want to avoid. So people make up a million excuses to avoid them if they are not completely necessary. The most common excuses are lack of insurance, lack of time and not obvious reasons to go. But here are some doctor's appointments you should not skip.

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This is a no-brainer. From the time you get your period, you should visit your doctor for a quick check. And if you are sexually active you need a Pap-test. The frequency will be recommended by your doctor. On top of that, you should probably visit your gynecologist once a year to get a gynecologic ultrasonography just to make sure everything is going okay. This is one of the most important doctor's appointments you should not skip.


Your General Doctor

You should visit your general doctor once a year, if not for any other reason then to get a blood test order. A blood test can give a good indication of your overall health. The results can give information to your doctor and then he or she can advise you appropriately on things like your nutrition.



Whether you already wear glasses or not, at least once in your life you should visit your ophthalmologist and have your eyes checked. If you wear glasses, you should have a check once every two years. If not, you should visit once and then just go again if you notice any changes in your eyesight.



If you have birthmarks or moles you should get them checked at least once. Your dermatologist will take a quick look at them and warn you if any of them needs to be monitored more closely. Between your visits to your dermatologist, you can also monitor your birthmarks and moles yourself and look for changes in their diameter or color.



We all want a bright white smile but so few people are willing to actually go to the dentist. But we should. Visit your dentist once every six months to get the plaque removed from your teeth and that way prevent other problems like cavities and periodontal decease.

Visiting a doctor when there is not an obvious reason to do so can be stressful and makes you really nervous. But it can prevent other problems that later might take more time to heal. Remember, preventive health care saves lives. So next time you are tempted to make up an excuse to cancel your doctor’s appointment, just don’t. You will be happy you didn’t later, and on top of that, when your doctor confirms you are healthy you will have fewer things to worry about in this stressful era we are living.

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