9 Reasons to Go to the Dentist ...


9 Reasons to Go to the Dentist ...
9 Reasons to Go to the Dentist ...

No-one loves to go the dentist, but there are a ton of good reasons why you shouldn’t avoid it. Studies show that far too many of us shirk on the recommended bi-yearly appointments and this leads to a whole host of problems which can end up seriously affecting our health. It’s important to remember, ladies, that while tooth ache is a nightmare, it’s not the worst thing to come out of a few missed dental appointments. So girls, if it’s been a while, get yourself a consultation right away!

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Reason number one is pretty straight forward. If your teeth hurt ladies, there’s something wrong with them; it really is as simple as that. So if you're experiencing any pain, go see your dentist. Now!



Ladies, there really is no reason to live in fear of ice cream and coffee! For a lot of people very cold and very hot things cause twinges in the mouth, and this is something a prescription toothpaste can sort out, no problem. Visit your dentist to find out more, and in no time you’ll be enjoying that sundae pain-free.



A great smile is arguably the most important of facial features, and one which is only improved by a healthy set of gnashers. Your dentist and oral hygienist can really perfect your teeth, either with simple cleaning techniques or cosmetic whitening.


Technological Advancements

For many people, a fear of the dentist is synonymous with a fear of the sounds and smell of the drill, but girls, today, this kind of phobia is outdated. More and more dentists are switching to laser surgery which is practically painless, odour free and almost silent.


Better Breath

A visit to the dentist or oral hygienist can quickly correct problems in the mouth which cause bad breath. Halitosis isn’t hot ladies, so get your butt to that surgery asap!


Prevent Oral Cancer

A dentist will be able to pick up on signs of cancer in the mouth. If these are dealt with early on, the risk to your health and even your life (!) is dramatically reduced.


Gum Disease

Studies estimate that most of us have gum disease of some kind, and, girls, this is in fact much more serious than it sounds. An infection in the gums can easily be carried back to the heart increasing the risk of heart disease and attack by more than half!


Keep Your Teeth

Teeth that are regularly inspected by a dentist have a much longer shelf life than those which aren’t. If you persistently avoid going to the surgery then chances are, at some time, you’ll be storing your smile in a glass next to your bed.


Breathe in

If your fear of the dentist is linked with a fear of needles then, ladies, relax. Today, many dentists offer the option of anaesthetic gases in place of the traditional jab, and so pain-free teeth are literally just a breath away.

What do you think girls? Is the dentist’s still a scary place for you? Would you rather deal with dentures that lie back in that chair? Share your tips and stories; I’d love to hear them!

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