10 Incredibly Exciting and Enticing Reasons to Love Jogging ...


10 Incredibly Exciting and Enticing Reasons to Love Jogging ...
10 Incredibly Exciting and Enticing Reasons to Love Jogging ...

Who needs convincing they need to love jogging? In an age of fitness and health, more and more of us are turning to alternative methods of trying to keep fit. Shopping TV channels are full of fitness gadgets and exercise programs and there are always offers on gym memberships. One of the most basic and simple ways to help with weight loss and keep healthy is to jog – as a nation, we all need to start to love jogging. Whether it’s to and from work or just on a Sunday morning, we can all find ways of incorporating exercise into our daily lives. Read on for me 10 Exciting and Enticing Reasons to Love Jogging!

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You Will Feel Alive

It’s utterly indisputable that you will feel much more alive and ready to start you day once you’ve gone for a morning run. Even if you haven’t got much time to fit in a run before work, five or ten minutes every day will really make a difference to your whole lifestyle. Not having enough time should never be an excuse – we can all spare a few minutes here and there.


Meeting New People

If you think that going jogging is a solitary thing, then you may be very wrong. Depending on where you decide to jog, you can meet a lot of new people – everyone needs to take a break for some water, so you will find yourself talking to other people that love jogging as much as you do.


Stress Relief

Those of us that work all day can really become tense and knotted-up. If you jog at night, jogging can be a wonderful way to relieve the stress and tension that has been building up in your all day. All it takes is ten minutes after work and you’ll find a huge difference.


It’s Cheap!

We’re in very tough economic times, so expensive weight-loss regimes really aren’t worth the money. Jogging is a completely free way to get your recommended dose of exercise; once you get into it, you will love jogging compared to paying out for monthly gym membership!



I’m not talking metaphorically! Jogging is a great way to build up your core strength muscles as well as building leg and arm muscles. A regular regime (even if only for short periods of time) will make a noticeable difference to your physique.


Fresh Air

During the winter months, many of us neglect our bodies of fresh air. Going out for a jog on a crisp winter’s morning may not seem like a particularly tempting idea, but you need to get some fresh air! Linking to my first point, the fresh air will help you to feel alive and awake – how could you not love jogging?


Alone Time

Even though you will start to meet new people, you will be alone for most of the time you are jogging. Busy moms that have kids to look after can struggle to find time to themselves, so jogging is an easy way to get some quality alone time whilst keeping fit.


Cardio Fitness

The body’s cardiovascular system gets increasingly important as you get older; you will become more prone to heart and lung diseases, as well as strokes and heart attacks. Going jogging is quite possibly the best way to get your cardio fitness up to a standard you can be comfortable with – all it takes is a small effort for a potentially life-saving result.



A complaint of many would-be joggers is that they do not want to get bored with the same repetitive route every day. That excuse is rubbish. In almost every neighborhood there are nature trails and scenic routes that you can jog along. Use the internet to find suggestions, or ask other joggers – those of us that love jogging and think it’s a great idea are more than happy to share tips and locations. Plus, your smart phone or MP3 player can be great company.


Feel like a Kid

My final point has to be one of my favorites: you can feel like a kid again! When jogging you are able to dance and prance in any way that you wish to, with nobody telling you that you’re doing it wrong. Granted, you may get a few sideways glances from other passersby, but who cares? Do what you want!

I really do hope that my list of 10 Exciting and Enticing Reasons to Love Jogging has inspired you to take up running or any other form of exercise. I cannot stress enough just how much of a difference it can make to your lifestyle – I know that it made me feel much younger, which has led me to love jogging and exercising in general. Please leave any comments with new reasons to enjoy jogging; let’s see if we can get the whole nation jogging!

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