7 Excellent Reasons to Run ...


7 Excellent Reasons to Run ...
7 Excellent Reasons to Run ...

Reasons To Run range from recreation to passion to career. But whatever your reasons for running, I'm so glad you are reading my article! There are so many different reasons to run, and if you are thinking about getting started in the sport, i'd love to encourage you. Running is one of my hobbies. Running is one of my passions! I never thought I could enjoy something as much as I enjoy running. I hope this article will give you some inspiration and excellent reasons for why you should start running!

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Personal Fitness

Probably one of the top reasons to run is because of personal fitness. Running is one of the only exercises that gives you a complete body workout, plus cardio! Running is the absolute best workout you will ever find. It takes time to build up, but if you start out slow, and gradually build, you will see results!


Stress Release

Running is a perfect stress reliever. It's one of my favorite things about the sport! When you run, you have to use all of your energy and strength. It makes sense why you would be relieving stress! And it's a totally heathy option for relieving stress, as opposed to say, taking it out on those you love.



One of the best reasons for running is because it teaches self-discipline! When you stick with it, and see your goals through, you will be surprised at how much more disciplined you've become. It takes a lot of self control and self discipline to push through miles of running, but it's worth it and I encourage you to give it a try!


Healthy Goals

If you struggle with being overweight, having heart or lung problems, running can help you overcome these obstacles! One of the best reasons to run is because it speeds up weight loss and a healthier set of lungs. Just start out slow of course. And always check with your doctor before doing anything out of the normal. You want to be safe!


A New Hobby

If you have been bored with your recent routine or would love to start a new hobby, that's a great reason to run! Believe it or not, running is becoming one of the fastest growing sports of America according to a recent study at the Washington University. But instead of just hopping on board the trend, you could be developing a new passion for life! That's a great reason to give it a try!


Alone Time

One of my favorite reasons to run is because of the quality alone time I get. I always enjoy running with a friend or with my husband, but when I run alone, it's a chance to clear my mind and just think about things I need to get an answer on or things that I have been considering. Often, after running, I feel so much more relaxed and better about things I had been stressed or worried over. I often tell my husband that I do my best thinking while I'm running!


Bettering Yourself

By far, the best reason to run is simply to better yourself. By choosing to do something, and seeing it through, you are developing into a stronger, better happier, and healthier person than you were before. It may not seem like it at first, but just give it a little time. You, and those around you will soon notice results!

With all of these excellent reasons to run, you probably want to get started right away! These are just a few of the reasons why I run. I mainly run because I enjoy it, and it comes as naturally to me as breathing. Running is a great exercise for mind and body, so please, give it a try before you say no! What are some of your reasons for running?

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hi! some really great points which i really believe :) i'm quite unfit however and get really tired after even a few minutes of running. when you say start of slow, what exactly to do you mean? i'd really like to get running into my routine! thank you!!

yeah, me too lolly. i want to do the same thing as anonymous.

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