8 Reasons to Kiss More Often ...


8 Reasons to Kiss More Often ...
8 Reasons to Kiss More Often ...

Kissing is fun, emotional, sexy and a great way to make a blabbermouth finally shut up. It speaks more than words and is often associated with making up, which means it definitely beats storming out or going to bed angry. But did you know it’s also healthier than any medicine and more relaxing than any hobby? Well, I’ll give you 8 reasons why you shouldn’t forget to give him a smooch this morning, regardless of the terrible rush you might be into.

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It’s a Natural Stress Relief

A nice passionate kiss will make your body become a busy adrenaline factory. Now, why is that good? – you might wonder. Well, adrenalin will help break down all that hydrocortisone, the stress hormone that’s building up inside of you on daily basis. So, as you see, one kiss from him is all it takes for you to leave home happy and be a productive worker, happy coworker and an object of hate for all those individuals who left their homes forgetting to take their daily dose of this natural anti-depressant.


It Burns Calories

Yup! The adrenaline I’ve mentioned before keeps the blood pumping faster and the result is, of course, better circulation and faster metabolism. Although a smile kiss might not help you lose weight, it’s a very good intro to something that could sure improve your overall appearance and make you a lot happier – sex! Yaaay! (Excuse me for sounding like an addict now, but I’m back home, 900 kilometers away from my object of desire and the closest I’ve gotten to a passionate kiss lately was when my dog decided licking my face would be a good way to wake me up. Eww! )


It Makes You Healthier

“Swapping spit” might not be the most romantic way to describe it, but it sure it accurate and good for your immune system. Being exposed to all those germs exchanged during a passionate kiss helps your body to build up antibodies which, in the bottom line, makes you more resistant to various diseases. It enhances your immune system, making it stronger and more capable of dealing with other germs that might not be as good as the ones you’ve exchanged with your loved one.


It Helps You Look Better

Kissing will make your face glow and I mean literally! So, if you’re in the market for a good anti-aging serum, I definitely suggest you try searching in outside the pharmacy. Kissing is a great workout for your facial muscles, plus it will make you smile more and we all know smiling activates more muscles than just talking or, God forbid, frowning! It also increases the blood flow in your face which gives your skin that gorgeous natural glow and “irons” those wrinkles. And guess what? No potentially harmful chemicals there! Seriously, I’ve checked the box and it says “Apply liberally, multiple times per day, all over your face and body.” (LOL. Get it? )


It Relaxes Your Mind

There’s only so much stress, problems and tension your brain can take! Some people say it’s best to find a hobby, others claim exercise helps them relax and clear their minds and I… I suggest kissing. Scientist agree too because, as far as our brains are concerned, kissing isn’t much different than meditation. Kissing “THE ONE” will make you incapable of thinking about anything else so just relax and enjoy it while your brain rests and your happy hormones go wild.


It “ties” Him to You

Want to make sure your man isn’t busy chasing “skirts” while you’re away? Then kiss him and kiss him some more and more and more! Kissing increases the levels of oxytocine, a hormone that makes men feel the need to bond. So, as it turns out, the more you kiss him, the more devoted he’ll be to you. Yay! I’ll keep blowing kisses over Skype then!


It Keeps Your Mind Sharp

According to scientists, kissing activates a very large portion of your brain. So, if we add the previously mentioned soothing, meditation-like effect, we’ll get the ideal equation that shows you how to rest your brain without making it become lazy. I’ll allow you to skip “sitting on the tree” if you promise me you’ll do the “K-I-S-S-I-N-G” part twice.


It’s Good for Your Teeth

Kiss more often and you’ll only be happier but have healthier teeth to show while smiling! Yup, kissing increases the flow of saliva a natural teeth and mouth cleaner which flushes all those harmful microbes out. You’ll still have to visit your dentist, though, but I’m sure even he will notice that “your teeth are looking remarkably well”.

Did you know a simple kiss can do all this? It’s kind of cool, I mean one little kiss, so many benefits! Oh I just can’t wait to finally see my fiancé and give him a big juicy smooch!

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