Information Every Woman Should Know about Breast Cancer ...


Information Every Woman Should Know about Breast Cancer ...
Information Every Woman Should Know about Breast Cancer ...

Please read this update about breast cancer - it is important information every woman must know. The wonder of modern science is making incredible medical breakthroughs every single day, but the tragic fact of the matter is that cancer is still something that can destroy the lives of millions of people every single year. Breast cancer in particular is something that impacts on a lot of women (lots not forget the men that develop is too), and sometimes this can be down to the fact that we just aren’t as educated on the signs and symptoms as we should be. To help you keep you more savvy and hopefully more healthy, here is some of the prevention, detection and treatment information every woman should know about breast cancer.

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Diet Makes a Difference

Did you know that post menopausal women who followed a strict Mediterranean diet are up 40% less likely to develop what is called oestrogen receptor-negative breast cancer? Alternatively, vegans who enjoy a solely plant-based diet have a 15% lower risk compared to women who eat non-plant-based food and products regularly. The bottom line here is to load up on things like fruit, legumes, non starchy vegetables and unrefined grains.


Surgery Isn’t Always Necessary

Lots of women have scary images in their heads of surgery or mastectomy being the only way to resolve a breast cancer issue, but that isn’t the case. Though surgical options are still considered as the standard of care, there are also things like active surveillance now that make it possible for you not to go under the knife unless you absolutely need to. It is important that you know all of your care options.


Mammograms Matter

No matter how awkward they make you feel, you should never skip a mammogram when you get the reminder letter. Your health is way too important to have body image hang ups get in the way. Doctors have seen literally everything before, so a pair of boobs isn’t going to spook anybody! The more regularly you go for a mammogram, the more likely it is that anything you might have is picked up super early.


New Advances Are Saving Lives

You might one or more people whose lives have been affected by breast cancer, but thanks to the incredible work that is being done, especially in the field of immunotherapy, breast cancer is becoming easier to fight by the day. Even the most aggressive forms of the disease are now being tackled head to head, so this can only mean good things for the future.


Genetic Testing

Up to 10% of breast cancers occur thanks to mutations of genes, and this can be identified before it has even occurred if you are willing to go through genetic testing. It is particularly recommended if you were diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 45, have a family member with the BRCA1/2 mutation, or have had two or more relatives die from breast cancer.

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