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Besides making you look slouchy, bad posture isn’t good for your spine or back muscles. If your mom is always bugging you to stand up straight and stop slouching, you need the information on this list. There are several easy ways to improve your posture so you always carry yourself with an air of elegance and beauty. You can’t change your poor posture overnight and it will take some work, but you’ll be so glad you put in the time and effort. Here’s how, thanks to the experts at Family Circle magazine.

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Stop Sitting at Your Desk All Day Long

The longer you sit at your desk, the more you slouch as the day goes on. To counteract this problem, ask your boss for a standing desk. Then sit for 20 minutes, then stand for 8 minutes, suggest the posture experts. This will keep you sitting up straight all day long and the standing intervals ensure that you don’t start slouching without realizing it. If your boss doesn’t go for it, get up and walk around for a couple of minutes every so often during the day.


Don’t Lock Your Knees when Standing

When you’re standing in line or waiting outside the school for your kids, pay attention to the way you’re standing. Locking your knees isn’t good for your posture and you should keep them soft while you stand around. Rocking from side to side can also help you keep proper posture while you stand still. These subtle shifts will help you stand tall and lovely, no matter what you’re doing.


Relax the Right Way

Even when you’re lounging around watching Netflix or playing Candy Crush, you should be paying attention to your posture. Instead of staying in the same position the whole time you’re relaxing, change it up often. So lie down for a while, then kick back in the recliner for a little bit. Then stand up and move around before sitting back down. Easy enough, right?


Stay Symmetrical when You Carry Things

You can’t get around having to lug your groceries from the car to the house or carrying your laundry to the machine or even holding a cranky toddler all day long. Whatever you’re holding, try to balance the weight on both sides of your body, which helps you stand up straight. At the same time, hold things as close to your body as you can to help keep you upright. Cross body purses are also better than your traditional type of bag.


Adjust the Seat in Your Car

Experts say that many girls drive with their seat too far away from the steering wheel. This causes you to slump forward when you drive, which can be bad for your back and your posture. Angle your seat so that it forces you to sit up straight and tall. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it over the course of a few days.


Do Your Running or Walking Routine with Caution

Both running and walking are prime sources of exercise because both burn calories and tone your muscles. However, the same path all the time can wreak havoc with your posture. If you run downhill all the time, you’ll find yourself leaning forward, which can be bad for your back. Switch up your routine to ensure that you are holding yourself upright at all times and your posture will look every day of the week.


Even Sleeping Requires Attention to Your Posture

Who knew that there was a right and wrong way to sleep? According to the experts, sleeping on your side or back is better for your posture than is sleeping on your stomach. You should also invest in a pillow that aligns your spine and skip the pillow that is so soft that you simply sink into it.

Which of these posture mistakes are you making? What changes do you plan to make to fix the problem?

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