17 Relaxing Activities for Women Who Suffer from Period Symptoms ...


17 Relaxing Activities for Women Who Suffer from Period Symptoms ...
17 Relaxing Activities for Women Who Suffer from Period Symptoms ...

Your period doesn't have to be the worst week of the month. If you know how to handle it, then it can actually be a pretty fun week! Don't believe it? Here are a few relaxing activities for women with super bad period symptoms:

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Take a Bath

Instead of hopping into the shower for a few seconds, you should create a bath for yourself. Fill it with bubbles, lean back in the tub, and enjoy your alone time.


Do Yoga

You don't have to put yourself into ridiculous positions. Just do the yoga poses that you know you're already capable of, so you don't end up hurting yourself.


Take a Nap

If you're tired, then get some more sleep. You'll wake up feeling refreshed.



Put on some relaxing music and then try your best to empty your mind. Forget about everything you're stressed over and just enjoy being alive.


Drink Green Tea

Instead of sipping on caffeine, you should try drinking green tea. It's super healthy for you.

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Try Breathing Exercises

Focus on your breathing. It's easy to do, but it can make a big difference in how your body feels.


Get a Massage

You can either ask your boyfriend to massage your back or you can go to a legitimate massage parlor. Either way, you'll end up with happy muscles.


Read a Book

Hop in bed and read a new novel. The more interesting the story is, the quicker you'll forget about all of those cramps.


Squeeze a Stress Ball

During that time of the month, you might feel like slamming your fist into a wall. Instead of hurting yourself like that, you should grab a stress ball instead.


Talk a Walk

It's healthy to exercise during your period. Since you probably don't want to be doing jumping jacks, you should go for a walk instead.


Write in Your Diary

You can write about how much you hate your period, or you can write about something totally different to get your mind off of your pain.


Cuddle with Your Boyfriend

If you're in a relationship, then tell your boyfriend that you aren't feeling well. He won't mind getting in bed with you and trying to fix that.


Snuggle with Your Pet

Even if you're single, you can still cuddle. Just grab your puppy, kitten, or a stuffed animal and squeeze them tight.


Listen to Music

Music can make you feel like you're in a whole new world. Put your headphones on and blast your favorite tunes.


Eat Comfort Food

There's nothing wrong with eating a bit of ice cream here and a bit of chocolate there. If it'll make you feel better, it's worth the calories.


Light Candles

Find a candle with a relaxing scent. Light it and let yourself enjoy the smell that fills the room.


Hang out with Your Friends

Your friends understand what you're going through, because they have to deal with periods, too. That's why it'll be easy for them to take your mind off of your pain.

Your period doesn't have to be completely terrible. What do you usually do when your period symptoms start acting up?

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