12 Awesome Ways to Relax for Girls Who Need to Give Themselves a Break ...


12 Awesome Ways to Relax for Girls Who Need to Give Themselves a Break  ...
12 Awesome Ways to Relax for Girls Who Need to Give Themselves a Break  ...

We all know ways to relax but actually carrying them out is another matter. Relaxing can be unbelievably hard work. It’s ironic that the thing we want to do most and wish for – to be able to relax – can be so difficult. How many of us can just be, without the grocery list or the latest argument you had with your partner swirling round in our heads? Yet, if we want to be truly effective partners, parents and workers, we all need to take time out and relax. There are all sorts of ways to relax, from photography to clay pigeon shooting to fishing. Some people like to work with their hands. Others like to paint or do art. Whatever floats your boat. Here are a few of my favorites:

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Have a Full Body Massage to Relieve Tension and Promote Better Sleep

cat, dog, small to medium sized cats, dog like mammal, cat like mammal, There is nothing more relaxing than to go to a beautiful salon, with aromas of lemongrass and vanilla, soft music and all white furnishings, for a full body massage. It releases all sorts of toxins from your system and you’ll have the best night’s sleep ever.


Take Time out and Re-energize with a Nap

fur clothing, fur, interaction, textile, girl, Taking naps is scientifically proven to enhance people’s performance at work. It makes people more alert, improves memory, and mood.


Get Some Chinese Medicine by Having Acupuncture

face, head, chin, mouth, forehead, Having needles stuck into your body may not be everyone’s idea of relaxing, but it is truly an excellent experience. Acupuncture does wonders for the body and the mind.


Lose Yourself by Plugging into a Podcast

car, electronic device, audio, technology, driving, There are so many fantastic podcasts series that you can download for free, on so many topics. Listening to a podcast is a highly enjoyable way of spending an hour or so, completely absorbed in what you are hearing.


Observe the Wonders That Mother Nature Has Bestowed on the Earth

flower, rose family, flowering plant, rose, plant, Take a walk in your neighborhood and take in the sights as though it was your first time. Observe which plants are in flower. Stop to smell the roses, literally. You might also be inspired to go to a nearby park to see even more greenery!


Take a Hike for the Exercise and to Get Those Endorphins Pumping

tree, adventure, girl, recreation, walking, Although exercise may not seem very relaxing as you climb a mountain panting all the way, it’s the after effects that are so very satisfying. When your body is tired after doing something arduous, you will feel relaxed.


Cuddle with Your Dogs for a Calming Sensation

dog, dog like mammal, dog breed, dog breed group, puppy, Ever see a child fall asleep with her head on a dog’s rump? She looks so very relaxed. Our furry friends have that ability to calm us down and make us feel good.


Drink a Glass of Good Red Wine for a Hit of Resveratrol

girl, darkness, drink, drinking, night, Doctors recommend a glass of red wine every night for a healthy body and a healthy mind. Seriously, a glass a day takes the edge off the day and gives us that winding down opportunity we need after a long day.


Bake a Cake and then Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labors

blue, mammal, cartoon, vertebrate, snapshot, Baking requires intense concentration, as the ingredients must be measured exactly. While you are baking, it’s difficult to think of anything else. And then, when it’s ready, you’ve got a treat to dig into.


Go to the Movies to Leave Your World behind for a While

musician, music artist, singing, singer, performance, Being in a dark room, enthralled by the big screen, with a big bag of popcorn, is a wonderful way to transport yourself out of your daily life and let go.


Spend Time Meditating to Clear Your Mind

human hair color, girl, finger, product, thigh, Meditation destresses the mind and body. You can look on YouTube for some meditation videos to help you get started. Meditation music is also lovely to listen to last thing at night as you drift off.


Go to the Beach and Have Fun in the Sun

vacation, sea, sky, summer, shore, If you live near the ocean, take yourself off to the beach. Even if it’s not sunbathing weather, a walk on the sand, dipping your toe in the sea and smelling the sea air, is wonderfully relaxing.

What’s your favorite way to relax?

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