8 Relaxing Things to do before Bed for Girls Struggling with Insomnia ...


8 Relaxing Things to do before Bed for Girls Struggling with Insomnia ...
8 Relaxing Things to do before Bed for Girls Struggling with Insomnia ...

Whether you have trouble getting your beauty sleep regularly or are just looking for a couple of ways to get there quicker, keep reading because this list has you covered!

You can also try a number of these things at once (if not all) or try them out one-by-one to see which ones work for you.

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Read a Few Chapters of an Easy Book

Read a Few Chapters of an Easy Book Tuck yourself up in bed with an easy-read, something you will enjoy and won't have to think too hard about! Books that are funny are a great choice for reading before bed time, although you might want to stay away from psychological thrillers!


Drink Herbal Tea or Anything Non-caffeinated

Drink Herbal Tea or Anything Non-caffeinated Herbal tea is a great remedy for improving the quality of sleep and should also help you get to dreamland quicker! It's a good idea to avoid drinking anything caffeinated at least a couple of hours before bed as this may keep you awake for longer.


Light Candles

Light Candles Candles are a great way to set the mood in your bedroom, so that your body can gradually adjust to more darkness and hence feel ready for sleep. Just remember to be safe and blow those candles out before you finally nod off!


Play Soothing Music

Play Soothing Music Soothing music can also help set the mood, so it might help to create a 'bed-time' playlist with all your favourite gentle, soothing songs to help you relax and unwind, eventually sending you off to sleep.


Watch an Easy Movie

Watch an Easy Movie Similar to reading an easy book before bed, you may like to choose a light and easy movie to watch as well. Again, comedies are a great choice as you won't have to think too much about the storyline and can focus more of enjoying the movie!


Turn off Electronics

Turn off Electronics You should turn off electronics you tend to use at least 30 minutes to an hour before sleep. Of course you can still use your laptop to watch an easy movie or your phone to listen to soothing music, but make sure you dim the lighting first so your eyes can adjust to a darker screen (or use 'night-mode')and remember to switch it off completely once you're ready to sleep.


Reflect in Bed

Reflect in Bed Night-time is a great time to take some time to yourself to simply self-reflect. A few ideas may be to reflect on your life, the day you just had, you as a person and anything else you can think of. This can be very self-soothing and a helpful habit for you to adapt if you have trouble getting to sleep.


Lounge in Comfy Clothes

Lounge in Comfy Clothes Your body knows it's not bed-time if you're wearing tight clothes that you can hardly breathe or move in, so take the time before bed to get into your comfy pyjamas or even a loose pair of track-pants and a singlet. It's important to feel comfortable to relaxed so your body knows it's time to unwind!

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I can't read a book before going to sleep because I'll probably end up reading it all 😂


Watch ASMR, it helps every single time 👌

Lol same thing for me with reading a book. I use essential oils in a humidifier it helps a lot

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