7 Things to Help You Sleep Better ...


7 Things to Help You Sleep Better ...
7 Things to Help You Sleep Better ...

Are you tossing and turning all night wishing you could be snoring better than your Pekinese prince? Don’t worry, I have the 7 best things to help you sleep better. Sometimes sleep is not an easy thing to come by when you’re dealing with the stresses of day-to-day living, so it’s nice to know that there are ways to help get you to your sleepy state. I’ll even bet that some of the things I share with you today are things you would have never even thought you were or weren’t doing! Don’t worry your pretty little sleep-deprived head though, these things to help you sleep better will have you slumbering soundly in no time flat!

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The Bed is a Place for Two Things Only

Your bed should be a place for only those two things, sleep and sex. Your brain then recognizes it as a place for rest. When you associate it with other activities like working or eating, you are sending your brain the wrong signals. It won’t be an easy transition at first but you’ll be glad you did it when your brain starts putting two and two together. This is an easy tip to help you sleep better, because it doesn’t require a lot of effort and the payoff will come quickly if you stick to it.


Avoid Your Tablets and Television

I am the first to admit I am the absolute worst at avoiding my tablet before bed. The problem is that anything with a screen, really (i.e. computers, cell phones, television, tablets and e-readers) emit light and stimulate the brain. If you absolutely must read from your e-reader, though, most have a feature that lets you make the letters white and the background black. This way you aren’t getting the full effect of the light. The rule of thumb is put them down two hours before you are ready to hit the hay. This is the one rule I have found that I didn’t even know would help you sleep better, and it works.


Caffeine is Not Your Friend

At least steer clear of caffeine before you’ve got an appointment with Mr. Sandman. If you’re like me, though, and you need something to sip on before bed try some something warm and decaffeinated. My preference is some calming tea with a little bit of honey. You want to stay away from water, obviously, because that can just make you wake up in the middle of the night with the urge to tinkle.


Don't Work out Too Close to Bedtime

The best time to work out if you have a normal 9-5 type job is in the morning to late afternoon. Obviously if you are someone that has a crazy work schedule you want to do it well before you are going to go to bed. Exercise can actual help deepen your sleep and keep you dreaming about being on a deserted island with no one but George Clooney. The problem is it has the adverse effect when you exercise at night or before bed. So if you want to sleep better, put those dumbbells down long before you go to bed.


Ease Yourself into That Sleepy State of Mind

This tip goes hand in hand with tips 1 and 2 because there are activities you can do before bed that will help induce sleep and don’t involve your tablets or televisions. Every night before I go to bed I read for about an hour and by the time I get to chapter 2 I’m already about to punch out. This is because activities that keep you out of your head and not thinking about the major meeting in the morning can help you to fall asleep faster. Not a book worm like myself? Try a craft like cross stitching or needlepoint. It’s fun, easy, and keeps you out of your head long enough to doze off quickly (just make sure you don’t wake up looking like a pin cushion).


The Infamous Nightcap is Not Helping

I know we see this on television and movies all the time, "Would you like to come up for a nightcap?" If you want to sleep tonight, respectfully decline that invitation (unless of course it’s more than a nightcap you’re looking for). On the plus side it does help you to fall asleep faster, but there comes a price with that pinot. You won’t get a good night’s sleep and you’ll wake up throughout the night and not even realize it. You may not wake up with a horrible hangover, but you will get that 2:30 feeling a lot more throughout the day.


Chilly Willy Sleeps Better

The best and easiest thing to help you sleep better is lowering your thermostat in your house or apartment as well as your body temperature. If you have the air conditioner between 60-68 degrees you will sleep and stay asleep better. There is an easy way to bring your temperature down as well. Just before going to bed try taking a bath in water slightly lower than your body temperature and do a slight towel dry. This will keep lowering your temperature as the water evaporates on your body. You could also use this as an excuse to cuddle up to your other half.

So, there you have it my seven things to help you sleep better, that I have actually found to work. Sleep has such a huge impact on our lives and when you get enough of it, it actually can help you shed weight and better focus on things. So go get yourself a great book and get a good night’s rest, and come back and tell me what worked for you ladies!

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Making love to my husband will relax me and we will sleep like babies.

Drink the '7 blossom' tea right before going to bed.

The cover photo for this article is bizarre

I find that taking a warm bath and drinking some chamomile tea helps me to relax before bed

I also drink camomile and lavender tea with stevia. I take a bath with Epsom salta and eucalyptus and lavender essential oils

Sleep meditation, Yoga and stretch exercises, taking a walk in the park in the evening or afternoon, reading a book, drinking chamomile tea, taking a warm shower, listening to music, writing in a journal helps for me, although I still wake up at night and stay awake…

Love this! I have chronic sleep issues, so some of these ill try. Some I've done before or do now! But I disagree with tea instead of water before bed......teas mainly water

My hubby always rubs my back until I fall asleep.

Ah!!! It's do helpful!!

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