8 Good Reasons That You Can't Sleep at Night ...


8 Good Reasons That You Can't Sleep at Night ...
8 Good Reasons That You Can't Sleep at Night ...

Ever wonder about the reasons you can’t sleep at night? Did you drink coffee too late? Did you eat too much? Maybe you just can’t stop thinking about something. There are many reasons you can’t sleep at night and I’m here to tell you about eight common reasons we can’t get the good night sleep we crave. Being informed about the reasons you can’t sleep can help make falling asleep that much easier!

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You Work out Late

You Work out Late You might mean well but working out too late in the evening could be one of the reasons you can’t sleep at night. If you do your workout at night thinking it will tire you out, it can do the exact opposite! Having a rigorous workout within three hours of hitting the hay can raise your heart rate and overstimulate your metabolism, making sleep seem impossible. Aim to work out earlier at night or work out in the morning.


You Sleep in

You Sleep in If you frequently sleep in as a result of late night shenanigans, work or just not being able to fall asleep, that could be the exact reason you’re having trouble sleeping! Sleeping in might feel good at the time, but according to Lawrence Epstein, MD of the Sleep Health Centers in MA, sleeping in even one morning can throw off your internal clock and reprogram your brain to stay up late. If you have to stay up late, don’t sleep in any more than an hour or take a short nap during the day.


You Worry about Sleep

You Worry about Sleep Sounds funny to think the reason you can’t sleep is because you’re worrying about sleeping, but it can happen! If you go to bed thinking about your morning to-do list and how you must go to sleep ASAP, it makes falling asleep that much harder. When this happens, with the lights turned off, get up and go to another room to clear your head. Or, set aside a specific time early in the evening to think through your next-day tasks.


You Drink Too Late

You Drink Too Late Many people have a nightcap to help lull them into a sweet slumber, but that plan can backfire. Drinking too late at night or right before bed might make you feel drowsy but it actually interferes with your sleep and can make you feel more tired the next morning. If you drink in order to fall asleep, try drinking an herbal tea with chamomile or valerian, which will help relax you without disturbing your sleep.


Your Room Isn’t Dark Enough

Your Room Isn’t Dark Enough With the numerous electronic gadgets we have these days, it can be hard to make your room completely dark. When you see a light in the middle of the night, your brain thinks it’s time to wake up. So, having the TV on or your smartphone with its blinking light going off at all hours of the night can be seriously disturbing and make falling asleep near impossible. Try to make your bedroom as dark possible, with all the lights from electronic devices out of sight and mind!


You Still Have Caffeine in Your System

You Still Have Caffeine in Your System I have a love-hate relationship with caffeine. I drink it in order to wake up in the morning, but I know it’s also responsible for keeping me up at night. It’s a vicious cycle. Experts say that the average half-life of caffeine is 5 hours, so you’re left with ¾ of the first cup of caffeine 10 hours later! If you drink more than one cup of coffee, which many people do, you’re left with quite a bit of caffeine at the end of the day. Keep the caffeine consumption early and stop early.


You Eat Protein Late

You Eat Protein Late Do you eat late night snacks or eat dinner late? If you eat protein late in the evening, it could be the reason you can’t sleep. Protein takes more energy for your body to digest, which means your digestive system is working overtime while you try to sleep. If you eat late at night, make it a light carbohydrate that’s easier to digest!


Your Room is Messy

Your Room is Messy Who would think that a messy room could be the reason you’re having trouble falling asleep?! It’s true; a cluttered room makes for a cluttered mind. If you have lots of papers, books, clothes or anything strewn about your bedroom, it can make falling asleep or staying asleep difficult because it can be stressful. Do a little picking up before you hit the sheets. You want your mind to associate your bedroom with sleep!

Can you relate to any of these common reasons you can’t sleep? I sure can! I always thought that falling asleep with the TV or lights on was harmless, but now I know better! Creating an environment that encourages sleep can be hard when we’re so busy, but it really can make all the difference!

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Great tips and definitely relatable. Thank you

This was very eye-opening, I've been having trouble sleeping as of late, this was really what I needed! :) Thanks!

I can never sleep at night

selena gomez?

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