7 Reasons Why Sleeping Early is Good for You ...


7 Reasons Why Sleeping Early is Good for You ...
7 Reasons Why Sleeping Early is Good for You ...

Going to bed early has many benefits. I’ve listed 7 reasons why sleeping early is good for you in the post below. See what you think, and if you have anything else to add, feel free. I’m all for going to bed early when I can. Unfortunately this isn’t very often and I can’t seem to find enough hours in the day for all I need to get done!

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Your Body Will Have More Time to Heal

One reason why sleeping early is good for you is because your body needs it. As soon as you drift off to sleep, your body begins working on healing any damage which occurred during the day. From your immune system to your muscles, repairs are made on a cellular level, toxins are being removed, and your entire body is basically going through an overhaul.


The Extra Time Gives Your Body a Chance to Breathe

Wearing restrictive clothing all day takes a toll on the body. You might not think it matters much, but it does. Pajamas are loose-fitting to provide you with comfort while you sleep. Cotton PJs are the best for allowing your skin to get enough air flowing to it. Sleeping on top of cotton sheets also helps you to get a more restful sleep.


Getting Enough Sleep is Better for Successful Weight Loss

Losing weight is another, surprising reason why sleeping early is good for you. When the body is well-rested, hormones within the body are balanced. There are specific hormones that affect a person’s appetite, which can be thrown out of whack by a lack of sleep. Studies performed on a large number of individuals show that people who don’t get enough sleep tend to be obese or even a bit overweight.


You Will Be Less Likely to Become Depressed

Studies show that getting plenty of rest boosts a person’s mood and decreases the chance of depression setting in. Many people who experience depression have suicidal thoughts. So, going to bed early can lessen the chance of these thoughts arising as well.


Sleep Boosts Your Memory

While you sleep, your body is resting but your brain is trying to make sense of all the day’s events. It is busy consolidating information, processing images, feelings, and memories. Even if you don’t remember your dreams when you wake up the following day, your brain is still going through this process each night.


Stress is Greatly Reduced

Another reason why sleeping early is good for you is that it reduces stress. High levels of stress can take its toll on the body. Your blood pressure level becomes elevated, the chance of having a heart attack or stroke increases, and your overall health is compromised. Going to bed early will give you more time to relax in a comfortable setting and get some stress-reducing rest.


Job Performance Will Be Much Better

People who get to bed early are well-rested for work the next day. When they arrive at work, they are ready for the day’s task and can do it with a clear head. Statistics show well-rested individuals work harder and are more efficient in all they do.

I hope these 7 reasons why sleeping early is good for you will convince you to get to bed a bit sooner each evening. You will doing your body and mind a world of good! Do you feel better when you go to bed at an early hour?

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