7 Tips on Dealing with Recurring Nightmares ...

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7 Tips on Dealing with Recurring Nightmares ...

An occasional bad dream is terrible, but having nightmares plague you is a whole different situation. The following 7 tips on dealing with recurring nightmares might help you put an end to them. Some bad dreams are caused by eating a heavy meal before bedtime or consuming large quantities of spicy food. People have had nightmares after a hard day at work when they have a lot of thoughts tumbling about. It’s hard to pinpoint just one thing, so take a look at these tips and use the ones that work for you.

Table of contents:

  1. write down as much as you can remember of each dream when you awaken
  2. try to recall anything that took place during the day that may trigger the nightmares
  3. invest in a book which offers interpretation of dreams
  4. think about what type of dream you want to have as you are falling asleep
  5. talk with someone about your nightmare
  6. go to the doctor for a check-up
  7. make sure you are relaxed before bedtime

7 Write down as Much as You Can Remember of Each Dream when You Awaken

Keeping track of your dreams is one tip on dealing with recurring nightmares. Keep a pad of paper and a writing utensil next to the bedside. As soon as you wake up, jot down as much as you can remember. Try to hit all the main points first. Sometimes the details will come back to you later. Writing down everything you dreamt about might help you figure out what the dream was truly about and if it really was as scary as you remember.

6 Try to Recall Anything That Took Place during the Day That May Trigger the Nightmares

I think about each of my dreams and try to figure out what went on during the day that would cause me to create a particular chain of events in my dream. If something frightening happened to you, then you just might end up having a bad dream about it later in the night. Maybe something happened that you didn’t think was frightening at the time, but it turned into a bad dream later on. It might be a good idea to talk about a bad experience you’ve had during the day so you don’t have to worry about it turning into a nightmare later.

5 Invest in a Book Which Offers Interpretation of Dreams

Purchasing a book on dreams is another tip on dealing with recurring nightmares. These aren’t always extremely accurate, but they can be a lot of fun! You might be able to locate the source of your nightmare and squelch it. There has been quite a lot of interpretation of dreams through the decades. Each time a Dream Dictionary hits the market, it is a bit different than the last one. Some of these books come with high recommendations by reputable sources, so be sure to check up on the author of the Dream Dictionary you are buying.

4 Think about What Type of Dream You Want to Have as You Are Falling Asleep

I’ve gotten this to work numerous times. As you are lying in bed, plan out a dream you’d like to have. Keep thinking about it as long as possible. It’s best if you can envision your dream as you are drifting off to sleep. Maybe this good dream will keep the nightmares away since it was the last thing you were thinking about before going to sleep. Too many people lead hectic lives and are often lying in bed thinking about things they need to do or about something that isn’t going well in their lives. Think happy thoughts!

3 Talk with Someone about Your Nightmare

Talking about a bad dream I’ve had always makes me feel better. It gives me a chance to get it out in the open and quit thinking about it. Usually after I’ve shared a nightmare story with a friend it doesn’t seem as scary as it was when I first woke up.

2 Go to the Doctor for a Check-up

You might have an underlying health issue that is causing nightmares. If you tried everything else, then you might want to schedule a check-up with a doctor you trust.

1 Make Sure You Are Relaxed before Bedtime

Depending on the severity of your bad dreams, a trip to the doctor might be the best tip on dealing with recurring nightmares. Stress can be a huge factor in the formation of nightmares. Take a shower or a bubble bath before bed time. Read a good book, watch a funny movie, or chat about happy times with the fam before heading off to sleep. This will place good thoughts in your mind before you go to bed.

The list of 7 tips on dealing with recurring nightmares that is posted above are merely suggestions. They might work for some people and they might not. I don’t think it ever hurts to try one out and see if it helps. Also, one technique might work for a while and then a different will need to be tried later. What do you do when you keep having nightmares at night?

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