7 Meditation Tips for Girls Desperate for a Good Nights Sleep ...


If you've been having trouble sleeping lately, then you don't need to take medication in order to doze off. Instead, you can try doing some meditation in order to calm your body and your mind. That way, your thoughts won't be running and you'll have an easier time falling asleep. Here are a few mindfulness meditation tips that you should try before going to bed:

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Get into a Comfortable Position

You're not going to have any success clearing your mind until you put yourself into a comfortable position. If you need five pillows, then stack them onto your bed. If you need to hold a teddy bear, then do so. You don't need to cross your legs and make circles with your hands. Just do whatever makes you feel the most relaxed.


Eliminate Distractions

When you have a big essay to write that you need to focus all of your attention on, you'll turn on the TV and your cell phone in order to concentrate. Well, you should do the same when you're trying to empty your mind before you sleep. Put your phone on silent, power down your computer, and turn off all of your other electronics.


Close Your Eyes

It's much easier to relax when your eyes are closed. That way, you won't have to see the clutter in your room or the calendar on your wall filled with things you need to get done. Without those visual cues, your brain should have an easier time letting your worries drift away. Close your eyes and just enjoy the comfort that you feel.


Listen to Your Breathing

It's important to listen to your breathing when you meditate. Even though you've been breathing ever since you were born, it's something that we rarely pay attention to. Turn the tables by listening to all of the sounds your body makes.


Don't Let Your Mind Wander

It's really difficult to stop your mind from wandering, because you might not even realizing that it's happening. It can help to count the breaths that you take in order to stay focused. That way, you have something occupying your brain.


Stretch Beforehand

Before you meditate, it can help to stretch. That way, it will relieve the tension that you have in your body, which will make it easier for you to relieve the tension that's in your mind. Just don't turn those stretches into a full-blown workout. Even though exercising might tire you out enough to put you right to sleep, it could also boost your energy and stop you from getting a wink of sleep.


Half Smile to Relieve Tension

In order to relieve even more tension, you should half-smile. We all know that smiling makes us feel better, but if you force yourself to create a wide grin, you'll be using a lot of muscles that you should be focused on relaxing. That's why a small smile is exactly what you need to keep calm, yet happy.

Mindfulness meditation is one of the best ways to get a good night's sleep. Even though it'll be difficult to keep your mind calm the first time you try it, after a while it'll become second nature to you. What helps you relax when you're having trouble going to sleep?

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@tamala please tell me you are joking!

Mediation works wonders for me and it's beautiful. But if you master it after a few years it can be crazy. I've been so relaxed that I've felt like I was having outer body experiences (if that makes sense)

I'm going to try this. I haven't slept a full night in 3 weeks. I've been waking up every 2-3 hrs. some nights I only sleep 45 minutes I'm exhausted but can not stay asleep

I just take a sleeping pill if I can't sleep lol

my inner body outer body is so much,,,? I need three hour sleep and more rest ,,! sometime I feel restless is like I am dieing what is advice for me today .,,,??.

I need to try meditation. I heard great things.

Just started meditation 3 days ago because of stress at work and I like what it's doing so far

Meditation is wonderful. I'm about three weeks in and makes you feel great

Great tips thank you

Nothing works for me. I just bought a bottle of Melatonin last week. That's my last resort.

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