7 Ways Your Sleeping Schedule Can Change Your Life ...


7 Ways Your Sleeping Schedule Can Change Your Life ...
7 Ways Your Sleeping Schedule Can Change Your Life ...

A good night’s rest is one of the most important ways to better your health, energy stores and your overall health. In fact there is nothing as valuable as a healthy night of sleep. A healthy sleep schedule is one of the most important natural rhythms of the body. This is a key component of health for your weight loss, immunity, mood and even athletic performance. So get 7-9 hours sleep because you are important. Not convinced just yet? Then read about how a healthy sleep schedule can change your life!

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Have More Energy

There is nothing more energizing then awaking from a well nights rest, you wake up feeling alert, with energy and ready embark on a great day. You have more energy to keep up with your daily tasks and because you are well rested, nothing can stop you now!


Better Your Health

Sleeping for just 7-9 hours a sleep can better your health and boost your immunity. Get sick less and just feel better because you hit the hay and caught plenty of Zzzzzs. And studies show going to sleep at the same time every night is good for the rhythm of your body. Our bodies like habits when it comes to both sleep, eating and exercise. This will help your body to perform at its best!


Lean down

If you want to lean down, forget the crazy fad diets; just eat healthy, exercise regularly and get adequate sleep of 7-9 hours daily. If you get plenty of sleep you will help your body to not secrete the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone secreted that can cause you to gain weight. Your body can release this hormone when you are under stress, like not getting the proper amount of sleep.


Minimize Mood Swings

Feeling cranky and not understanding why? Well analyze your sleep patterns. Are you going to sleep at different times every night? Are you sleeping enough? Fix these small problems and you will notice your mood is bettered and the day seems brighter. As you feel better you enjoy every day even more!


Think Clearer

Lack of sleep can have your brain in a fog. You keep forgetting things, you are missing deadlines and nothing is going your way. Get to sleep earlier and reset your clock. Your brain needs adequate sleep to function properly. So stop what you are doing and get to bed earlier tonight!


Better Your Athletic Performance

Studies have proven that getting adequate sleep can improve your athletic performance significantly. With proper sleep you will have more energy to put 100% into every exercise, feel better and even recover from your workouts sooner. So put on your cozy sleep wear and get to bed a bit earlier tonight!


Just Feel Better

As simple as it seems, getting to bed early will just help you to feel better. You will look forward to each day, wake up with a smile and have more patience with others. Sleep deprived people are not fun so do not be one of them. Haha! Seriously get to bed for a well night of rest so you will be an ace at the game of life daily!

So sip the decaf tea, dim the lights, read a chapter of your favorite book and get to bed sleepy head so you can rise and shine to be your best!

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May I add you will look better too say buh-bye dark circles and hello gorgeous😘

I go to bed at 8 and wake up at 5 always feeling energized. I work out a lot so I fall asleep pretty early. This is true to the letter

No matter how much sleep I get, I never wake up feeling energized or refreshed. It's seriously exhausting!

I sleep at 10:00 pm and wake up at 5:00 am

@brittanybaker I don't think it's only about how much you sleep but also about the hours you go to sleep

When I go to bed it takes me hours to fall asleep

I have insomnia so idk if this will work for me

#1- i never guessed that sleeping would give me more energy

I lay in bed at 9:30 so i can try to sleep.. Cuz if i laid in bed at 10:00 i'll sleep at 10:30

♥️♥️♥️ this is good

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