Scientific Proof That Making Your Bed is Actually Unhealthy Not Lazy ...


All of you messy girls can rejoice! According to our friends over at, it's actually healthier for you to leave your bed unmade in the morning than to tuck in your sheets.

Why? Because there are over a million dust mites living on your sheets at any given time. Since they need a damp, warm atmosphere to breed, they benefit from the sweat your body creates overnight.

When you make your bed as soon as you wake up in the morning, it traps all of those mites between your bedsheets and your mattress (right where all of your sweat is), creating the perfect breeding ground for them.

However, leaving your bed unmade exposes your sweat stains to more air, which dries them out. That causes the mites to dehydrate and die. It won't get rid of all the mites, but it will certainly reduce the amount of them. That means your allergies shouldn't be as bad.

There you have it. Now you have something to tell your mother when she yells at you for having a messy room. Are you going to stop making your bed from now on, or will the mess be too much for you to handle?

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My eczema is so bad at night. I also shower before i get in bed to make sure my bed stays cleaner for longer. But every night without doubt im up because it stings and is so sore. Creams dont help. Sick of it

Unless your bedroom is on the first floor of your house, I see no point in making it. I mean, who has the time anyway?!

I'm still gonna make my bed! That's what relaxes me in the morning;)

I feel fresh when my bed is clean

I'm still making my bed I'm sorry but my OCD will kill me

I already knew this for a long time so i remove the blanket from the bed every morning.

I have a dust mite protector on mine.. And I wash my sheets regularly. I guess in summer you shouldn't have the doona on it anyway..

I never made my bed anyway, im a messy sleeper i dont have any point to do it

Hmmm... Messy room, bathroom, house, etc reflects a messy life... I al

I make my bed no matter what this article says. It makes me feel good climbing up to a bed that’s neat and clean (because I know it is !) by the end of the day. I never climb to bed icky or wearing clothes with dried up sweat .

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