Women Need More Sleep than Men Science Says ...


Women Need More Sleep than Men  Science Says ...
Women Need More Sleep than Men  Science Says ...

According to a recent study by Duke Medical Center researchers, women need more sleep than men. The why is simple: we use our brains more intensely during the day than men do, so we need a little more recovery time! Granted, we only need about 20 minutes more each night, but it's science, fellas, so let your lady sleep in a little! And while we're at it, loves, let's use a few of these improve-your-sleep tips, to get the most out of every minute!

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Sleep Nekkid

person, skin, profession, How, you, Aside from saving money on pajamas, why should we sleep in the nude? First of all, if you're naked, initiating sex is easier, which can lead to more sexytime and a happier relationship overall. It can also prevent bacteria from building up in unwanted areas, and it can keep you from being too warm, which can lead to broken sleep. Are you ready to go commando?


Lay on Your Left

hair, hairstyle, black hair, There are so many reasons to sleep on your left side, rather than on your back, belly, or right side! It aids digestion, helps with airflow and breathing, and can take some of the pressure of lymph drainage away from your heart and your spleen.


Keep It Cool

anime, cartoon, gadget, mobile device, Sleeping in a cool room will help you sleep better, says science. The temp range for the best sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees, so set your PM thermostat a little lower than usual for your best sleep ever.


Shut It down

cartoon, sculpture, 300, The blue light from electronic devices like smart phones, tablets, and e-readers has been shown to stimulate your brain, which can make it tough to fall asleep. About an hour before bed, shut down your devices and you'll sleep better.


Exercise... but Not...

, Wearing yourself out with exercise during the day can certainly help you sleep better, but don't work out in the hours before bedtime, or you'll be too jazzed up to sleep!


Eat Right @ Night

cartoon, comics, book, Avoid heavy, spicy, or greasy foods after dinner, or you'll probably have a hard time drifting off. Save the salsa and Sriracha for suppertime, sweetie!


White Noise

animal, mammal, vertebrate, mustelidae, pet, Other humans and their pets are noisy, and these noises can disrupt your sleep. To drown out these annoying sounds, use some white noise, like a fan or a white noise app on your phone.


Avoid Naps

black, black and white, person, man, human positions, If you normally take a nap during the day, it's probably time to start ditching them. Letting yourself get tired will allow for better sleep at night. If you absolutely need to take a nap, 20 minutes or less is recommended to recharge but not overcharge. Great tips to overcome that afternoon fatigue are drinking a glass of cold water, phone a friend, or even a brisk walk.


Turn Away the Clock

cartoon, mural, drawing, illustration, sketch, If only we didn't need alarm clocks to wake up in the morning! Unfortunately most of us do, which is when this comes into play. Glancing at the clock throughout the night brings up the day to come, this causes anxiety and lack of proper sleep. If you can, turn the clock away or at least resist the urge to check the time overnight.


Ditch Caffeine

cartoon, screenshot, anime, If you're like me, you can't function without a morning cup of coffee; that's totally fine! But come noon, ditch the caffeine for the rest of the day. Even small amounts (like that candy bar you are for dessert) can affect your sleep.

So yes, we need more sleep than men, and now we know exactly how to make the most of that extra time. Do you have any other tips to share?

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