Genuine Tips for Girls to Organize Your Bedroom for Better Sleep ...

By Allison

Genuine Tips for Girls to Organize Your Bedroom for Better Sleep ...

Are you tired of being tired? Do you not get a relaxing vibe when you step into your bedroom? It's time to change up your environment to improve your quality of zzzs! Here are genuine tips to organize your bedroom for the best sleep.

1 Reorganize Your Nightstand

white, furniture, room, product, table, We all know that less is more. Minimal things on your bedside table means less clutter and much less stress. All you really need is the book you're currently reading, a peaceful plant to help you breathe easy, a candle to calm you, essential oils to relax, and a glass of water (or wine--whatever's your thing). Keep everything else off your bedside table and put away. A clean room is a happy room.

2 Comfy Bedding

white, product, textile, flavor, If you don't want to jump in bed by just looking at it, you're doing something wrong. Fluffy pillows, soft sheets, and a thick comforter is key for a good nights rest. Silk and cotton are great fabrics, which are much better for your hair and skin. Avoid anything scratchy, like beading or sequins. For colder weather months, add thicker sheets and a thicker comforter. Throw blankets are great to have on hand, too. You'll literally never want to leave your bed.

3 Carpet or Rugs

room, property, living room, bedroom, home, This homey touch is the first thing your feet hit in the morning. It'll soften sounds, especially if you live in a noisy neighborhood. Carpet and rugs not only look great, but deadening the sounds will help you get a better nights rest.

4 Keep Technology out

photograph, image, photography, city, skyline, Light from TVs, laptops, and smartphones can keep you up. Keep these tech items out of your bedroom for optimal relaxation. This might not be possible if your phone is your alarm clock, so turn it on silent and upside down so it won't disturb your slumber.

5 Surround Yourself with Calming Colors

room, living room, wall, furniture, floor, Muted, toned down colors set the tone for sleep. If you have a lot of black and white in your bedroom, it could be keeping your mind active--too active to relax. Think pastel colors, like light blues and purples.

6 Choose the Right Shades

hair, human positions, hairstyle, dress, blond, Thick, blackout curtains are your friend. This will prevent you from waking up when the sun rises and when you want to take that much needed afternoon nap. A pitch black room will keep out the city lights, too. Curtains will also add a nice, warm and inviting touch to your bedroom.

7 Clean Air, Please!

room, furniture, living room, bedroom, floor, An air purifier and plants will make your room cleaner AND prettier. What's better than that? Keeping allergens and pollutants at bay will help you breathe easy and sleep tight. This doesn't have to cost a lot of money or time either. You also don't have to be a plant expert. There's plenty of plants that are low maintenance and do not require much light or water to thrive.

If you have clean, peaceful, and serene room, your mood will reflect your space. You'll be asleep and getting the best sleep night after night in no time. What's your fav tips? Comment below!

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