Natural Remedies for Better Sleep for Girls Not Getting Enough Shut Eye ...


Natural Remedies for Better Sleep for Girls Not Getting Enough Shut Eye ...
Natural Remedies for Better Sleep for Girls Not Getting Enough Shut Eye ...

Are you looking for some natural remedies for better sleep?
Sleeping is one of life’s greatest luxuries, and something that becomes more and more valued the older you get! The feeling of waking up after a perfect night’s sleep is something that you can’t beat, especially when you know you have a busy day ahead. However, even though it seems like the most natural thing, sleep isn’t always something that comes easily to everybody. When it comes sleeping at night, there are plenty of pharmaceutical avenues that you can go down, but if you don’t like the idea of adding meds to your nighttime routine, then why not consider some of these natural remedies for better sleep?

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No Nightcap

Many people opt for a nightcap before bedtime, but this is a bad idea because alcohol takes an average of two hours to get out of your system. Being blackout drunk will definitely close your eyes, but a single drink will more likely keep you awake for longer. Skipping the cocktails at bedtime is one of the best natural remedies for better sleep.


Essential Oils

Experiment with a few different essential oils to see if any of them give you a lovely calming effect. Scents like rose, vanilla, and lavender are all touted as having relaxing properties, and you can often find these oils in sprays that you can spritz on your pillows.


No Late Snacking

Nigella might like a midnight snack, but if you want to get the best night’s sleep possible, you need to let your stomach have some time off late at night! Leave your cravings for breakfast time, which will come around much quicker if you are asleep!


Lie Flat

Posture can be a big factor in not being able to sleep. The best sleeping position has been proven to be laying flat on your back because it allows your head, spine, and neck to rest in their natural positions.


Be Active

The best way to be tired at night is by being active during the day! Keep yourself as busy as you can to expend all of your energy in the daylight hours, and you will find that you experience a natural dip in alertness at around the time when you should be going to bed!


Indulge the Senses

Make your environment as pleasing to the senses as possible. Things like low lighting, soft clothing, calming sounds and comfortable bedding will all contribute to making you feel as relaxed as possible.


Soothing Rituals

Why not try out something like meditation before bed? Breathing exercises can really put your body and mind in a space that is best suited to laying down and getting to sleep. It helps to wash away the activities of the day and gives you a fresh page that you can fill with dreams.


Reasonable Target

Try to aim for the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep per night, and to do this you need to organise a proper bedtime rather than just waiting up and watching the TV until you might feel tired. Commit to being in bed by 10 pm and your brain will soon start to follow your body.

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