Scientifically Proven Ways to Sleep Better to Feel Energized in the Morning ...


Scientifically  Proven Ways to Sleep Better to Feel Energized in the Morning ...
Scientifically  Proven Ways to Sleep Better to Feel Energized in the Morning ...

We need ways to sleep better to feel energized, because we’ve all been in a situation where we feel as though we’re not getting enough rest. The struggle is that some nights we do actually sleep, but we don’t wake up feeling refreshed. How do we fix that? Here are some scientifically proven ways to sleep better to feel energized!

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Don’t Eat Too Much at Dinner

interaction, conversation, restaurant, food, event, When we eat too much, it becomes difficult for our bodies to digest because at night, we’re likely not moving around as much as we are during the rest of the day. Eating too much might also cause a stomachache. It’s important to never sleep on a full stomach and this is one of the best ways to sleep better to feel energized.


Set a Routine

fashion model, mime artist, Maybe you’d like to treat yourself to some TV, or give yourself a facial. Whatever it is, set a routine before you sleep. This also goes for the time you go to sleep. Try going to sleep at the same time every night in order to get your body ready for sleep and wake up refreshed.


Listen to Some Music

muscle, product, Ah, the healing powers of music. At night, try some relaxing tunes, maybe without words. Allow yourself to feel peace before you put your head to the pillow and it'll be so much easier to fall asleep.


Stop Stressing!

photo caption, girl, Studies show that if we go to sleep anxious, while we might still be able to fall asleep, our minds are in overdrive. This does not make for a good, refreshing morning.


Darkness is Key

black, cartoon, mammal, purple, fictional character, The darker the room, the better the sleep. It’s true! Our bodies are programmed to believe it’s time to sleep when the atmosphere is dark.


Try the 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise

human, computer wallpaper, This method has been proven to work for some people, and it is quite easy too. Simply inhale through your nose for four seconds, hold your breath for seven, and then exhale through your mouth for eight seconds. Repeat three times for best results.


Do Light Exercise before You Sleep

room, physical fitness, joint, physical exercise, leisure, Not only is this great for you in terms of general health, but it also helps keep your metabolism going at night, and makes your body tired. Don’t go running a marathon, though. Just do some squats or sit ups, and your body will begin to feel ready for bed.


When You Wake up, Immediately Start Moving

sleep, mouth, child, girl, bedtime, We all have the tendency to hit snooze in the morning, but don’t make it a part of your routine. As difficult as it may be, the second your alarm goes off, get moving. Get out of bed and start your morning routine. It’ll help wake you up immensely!

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