Ways to Sneak in a Nap Every Day Anywhere ...


Ways to Sneak in a Nap Every Day Anywhere ...
Ways to Sneak in a Nap Every Day Anywhere ...

Science has proven napping is good for you. You know there are many benefits to your nightly sleep, so napping is just a way of getting more of those things that do you good: napping can make you less frustrated; napping reduces stress; it boosts your immune system; you will be more alert after a nap; a nap reduces the effects of poor/lack of sleep; napping will boost your creativity; regular napping can reduce your blood pressure; and, can help you get over the afternoon slump. Now you know the benefits of napping you’ll need to find ways to sneak a nap in

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In Your Car

The first idea for how to take sneaky tap in the daytime is to make the most of your transportation and nap in your car! Park in a quiet area of your work’s parking lot, and if the tiredness is really getting you at lunchtime, you can always sneak away to eat and then recline for a much needed 40 winks! This is even better if you park in a multi-story, because it will be nice and dark for naptime!


Conference Room

If you work in a busy office complex, the chances are that there will be lots of conference rooms that are empty at any given time during the day. Make the most of one of the quiet, dark spaces by sneaking in for a bit of shuteye when you have a break. Even if somebody walks in and sees you they won’t judge, because they are most likely just as exhausted as you are at this point!



If times are really tough and there is no way you can get to your car or make the most of an empty conference room, then you can always rely on the restroom to give you some privacy and allow you to doze off for a quick power nap. The best part about using the bathroom for a speedy snooze is that nobody will have the courage to ask you why you took so long in there; people are too polite to ask about the details of someone’s trip to the restroom!



If you work in a relaxed environment with colleagues that you like and trust, then why not just whip out an eye mask and have a quick nap right there at your desk? After all, your lunchtime is your own time, and if you have a particularly comfortable office chair, then you shouldn’t have to skulk off and try to find somewhere that isn’t as cozy! Pop in your headphones, put on a chilled out song, and you can drown out the work noise for 30 minutes or so.


Under Desk!

Remember how George Constanza had a desk that turned in to a bed in Seinfeld? Didn’t that just look like the ultimate office accessory!? If you are lucky enough to have a big desk that will fit you underneath, especially if you enjoy the luxury of a solo office, then some of the best day time naps can be had under there; it can feel like sleeping in a bunk bed!


Between Classes

If you are student that has a free period between classes, then take the time to catch up on some sleep and restore your energy levels for your next subject. Trust me, you won’t be the only one. Colleges are absolutely filled with cafeterias and libraries of sleeping students!


On Commute

The best way for making up for getting up so early is to go back to sleep while on your train, bus or subway. However, make sure that you set an alarm to wake yourself when you are getting close to your stop. You don’t want to end up further away from work than when you started!

I’m a great believer in cat napping. Spending all day at the computer means I need to take a break and a quick nap is ideal.

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