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7 Exercises to Help Calm Your Anxiety for Girls Who Are Struggling Hardcore ...

By Tara

As I write this, I think of all the ways to relax in our busy daily life with deadlines, work, family, friends and the “to do” lists we create ourselves. There are so many demands but every day we have a choice to either tackle these lists or crumble when under pressure. So who do you want to be? I think you should be the strong confident human being you were put on this earth to be. But sometimes we need a little help to be all that we can be by simply de-stressing. Exercise can help to calm your anxiety and channel your inner strength. So check out the exercises that can help you to reach your inner zen:

1 Yoga

Stretch out, perform some yoga poses like the cobra and relax your body and mind. If you do not know just where to begin, check out the videos on the internet to help guide you to total relaxation. If you perform yoga at home, light some lavender candles to get you into an even more relaxed place.

2 Pilates

Pilates is not a high rate exercise, but it is a great workout to relax the body and channel deeper abdominal muscles. So check out some of the videos we have on our site or even visit a local Pilates studio near you. This can put you in the right mood to make your worries seem to melt away!

3 Running

Running is my inner zen which brings me to peace, happiness and keeps me together in any rough time. Get out for a run and pound the pavement as your stress seems to melt away. Running is an incredible sport for de-stressing the body and mind!

4 Jumping Rope

If double dutch jump rope and every other jump were your childhood playtime favorites, make it your everyday workout. Jumping rope is not only a great calorie burner but also a super effective way to ditch stress and turn that frown upside down!

5 Swimming

Submerge yourself in water as you swim laps repeatedly and rid your life of stress. If you are a skilled swimmer you will also get a great workout in the process. Feel the inner peace inside you and say goodbye to the stress of the day!

6 Biking

You may not be the quickest but biking is a great way to enjoy the beauty of nature while de-stressing. This workout will also help you to work your larger muscle groups while bettering your fitness level. So get out for a glorious bike ride and just feel better!

7 Whatever

Exercise in general will help you to rid your body of stress and make yourself feel more relaxed. So find any workout you like and just do it. I promise you will never regret a completed workout and the accomplishment in itself will make it 100% worth it!

Take a deep breath, put on relaxing music and get that body moving because it is time to rid your life of stress. Are you ready to feel the best that you possibly can? Then get up and get going!

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