24 Simple 🙏🏼 Ways to Incorporate Mindfulness 💭 into Your Daily 📆 Life ...

it's funny that while we live in a self-centric and even selfish world, that many of us do not practice mindfulness. Many of us live a shallow life, not making the most of the world around us, its bounty, our advantages and our opportunities. I think many of us would admit we don't make the most of every moment, that we aren't present in every challenge and every triumph. Being more mindful is a goal that is achievable for every one of us and a goal we're totally in control of. Being mindful can be practised every moment of every day - you just need to form the habit. Here's a whole pile of ways to be more mindful every day. Thank you mindbodygreen.com

1. Stretch First Thing in the Morning

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Doing some stretching and breathing right after you wake up in the morning, will energize you and center you for the day ahead.

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